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VnDoc - mua tài liệu, văn bạn dạng pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phíREWRITE THE SENTNCES WITH THE WORDS GIVEN:Orders1234567EXCERICESHow old are you? (What …?)How old is Lan? (What …?)What bởi you do? (job/ occupation)Where vì chưng you live? (What …?)Where does Tom live? (What …?)How far is it from your house khổng lồ school? (What …?)Her new school is bigger than her old school. (Her old ….)8910This is a lovely home. (What …!)These houses are very modern. (What…!)That armchair is very comfortable. (What …!)KEYWhat is your age?
What is Lan’s age?What is your job/ occupation?What is your address?What I Tom’ address?What is the distance from your house to school?Her old school is smaller than her new school.Her old school is not as big as her new school.What a lovely home!What modern houses!What a comfortable armchair!11Those are very convenient kitchens. (What ..!)What a convenient kitchen!121314151617181920The weather is awful. (What …!)This bathroom is very amazing. (What…!)That is a very comfortable house. (How…!)
He runs very fast. (How …!)She is a very beautiful girl. (How ..!)These boys are very handsome. (How ..!)This dress is very expensive. (What …!)How many rooms are there in his house? (have)She teaches history. (She is …)What awful weather!What an amazing bathroom!How comfortable that house is!How fast he runs!How beautiful she is!How handsome these boys are!What an expensive dress!How many rooms does his house have?She is a history teacher.21222324252627282930No room in the house is smaller than this room. This room …That apartment is more modern than any apartments. That …
She is the best student in my class. She is ..He is the worst student in his class. No one …She is the best student in her class. Nobody …This living room is the biggest room in my house. Norooms…That room is the newest in our school. No room …No apartment here is more expensive than that apartment.That apartment …What time is it ? (What …?)It is four fifteen. (It …)This room is the smallest in the house.That apartment is the most modern.She is better than any students in my class.No one in his class I worse than he.Nobody in her class is better than she.No rooms in my house are bigger than this livingroom.No room in our school is newer than that room.That apartment is the most expensive here.What is the time?It is a quarter past four.31What subject do you like best? (What …?)What is your favorite subject?32
3334353637383940The subject I lượt thích best is English. (My …)I lượt thích math. (I am …)The break lasts fifteen minutes. (I have …)How long are its shelves? (What …?)How wide is this table? (What …?)How tall are you? (What …?)How high are the walls? (What …?)How deep is the well? (What …?)How heavy is the bone? (What …?)My favorite subject is English.I am interested in math.I have a fifteen – minute break.What is the length of the shelves?What is the width of this table?What is your height?What is the height of the walls?What is the depth of the well?What is the weight of the bone?TEACHER’S Name: LE THI THANH TRUC Page 1
VnDoc - mua tài liệu, văn bạn dạng pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phíOrders41424344454647484950EXCERICESHis interest is English. (He is …)They take part in outdoor activities. (participate)He takes care of sick children. (look after)They take part in playing marbles. (join in)Let’s go khổng lồ the zoo. (How about …?)Let’s go swimming. (What about…?)Let’s play chess tonight. (Why…?)Why don’t you listen to music? (Let’s …)Would you like to go to the cinema with me tonight?(How about..?)How about going by car? (Let’s …)KEY
He is interested in math.They participate in outdoor activities.He looks after his sick children.They join in playing marbles.How about going khổng lồ the zoo?What about going swimming?Why don’t we play chess tonight?Let’s listen to music.How about going to the cinema with me tonight?Let’s go by car.51I prefer watching TV. (like better)I lượt thích watching TV better.525354555657585960I would rather stay at home. (prefer)He collects stamps. (He is …)My house is the oldest house on the street. (No houses …)
Collecting comics is easy. (It’s …)It’s difficult for me to lớn learn English. (difficulty)I find math difficult. (It’s ..)I am going lớn buy a new school bag tomorrow. (I intend)We have fewer vacations than American students.(American..)Mr. Tuan has less time than Mr. John. (Mr. John…)I prefer staying at home.He is a stamp collector.No houses on the street are older than my …It’s easy to collect comics.I have difficulty in learning English.It’s difficult for me khổng lồ learn math.I intend khổng lồ buy a new school bag tomorrow.American students have more vacations than weMr. John has more time than Mr. Tuan.61626364656667686970Hoa has more periods than Lan. (Lan ..)Hoa has more time than Lan. (Lan …)
Hoa works more hours than Lan. (Lan…)The theater is farther than the museum. (The museum …)The zoo is not far from my house. (My house ...)The hospital is opposite the police station. (The police …)Could you tell me the way to the supermarket? (show)How much is an envelope? (price)How much are the books? (What …?)How much is this dress? (cost)Lan has fewer periods than Hoa.Lan has less time than Hoa.Lan works fewer hours than Hoa.The museum is nearer than the theater.My house is near the zoo. / My house is close khổng lồ the zoo.The police station is across from the hospital.Could you show me the way to lớn the supermarket?What is the price of an envelope?What is the price of the books?How much does this dress cost?71How much are these shoes? (How much …)How much vì chưng the shoes cost?72737475
767778798081It takes me about five minutes to go to school by bike.(spend)It often takes him two hours to bởi vì his homework. (He)She spends one hour with her housework. (It ..)Where will she mail her letter? (send)They usually walk lớn school. (foot)He usually rides to school. (bike)Mr. Hung sometimes travels to work by plane. (fly)They never go lớn school late. (They are …)Do you have a better refrigerator than this? (Is this…?)Listening to lớn music at home is more interesting than going tothe concert. (I prefer …)I spend five minutes going lớn school by bike.He often spends two hours doing his homework.It takes her one hour to bởi her housework.Where will she send her letter?They usually go to school on foot.He usually goes to school by bike.Mr. Hung sometimes flies lớn work.They are never late for school.Is this the best refrigerator you have?I prefer listening to lớn the music at trang chủ to going tothe concert.
TEACHER’S Name: LE THI THANH TRUC Page 2VnDoc - download tài liệu, văn bạn dạng pháp luật, biểu chủng loại miễn phí8283Nam I taller than Bac. Bac is taller than Trung. (Of the three,Nam …)We lượt thích listening to music more than playing chess. (prefer)TEACHER’S Name: LE THI THANH TRUC Page 3Of the three, phái mạnh is the tallest.We prefer listening to music to playing chess.

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