Actress Hwang Jung Eum Files For Divorce From Lee Young Don

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Actress Hwang Jung Eum"s agency has confirmed that she is divorcing her husband.

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Just today, September 3rd, C-JeS Entertainment, the agency of Hwang Jung Eum disclosed that the said actress has already submitted her application to lớn nullify her marriage with husband, Lee Young Don. The said agency assured everyone that the divorce would be negotiated smoothly. C-JeS Entertainment is asking everyone for their deep understanding that essential details, such as the reason for the divorce, cannot be divulged lớn the public since it is very personal.


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If you are a Korean drama lover, then you most probably have watched the drama "She Was Pretty" where actress Hwang Jung Eum was the lead star. The actress was born on January 25, 1985 she was recognized for her portrayal in the dramas, "She Was Pretty"and "Kill Me, Heal Me".

Hwang Jung Eum began her career in the entertainment industry joining the group Suga in 2001. Then her acting career started in 2005 when she starred in "Princess Lulu". She was tagged as the goodwill ambassadress for different programs and events namely: the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festivalin 2010,Angel (1004) Day in 2010, the Korea Medical Assistance Foundation in 2011, AD Stars (BusanInternational Advertising Festival) in 2012, the international reliefNGOGood Neighbors in 2013, và a Seoulcampaign against social problems in 2014.

On December 8, 2015, C-JeS Entertainment admitted that their talent Hwang Jung Eum was seeing the professional golfer & businessman, Lee Young Don, and confirmed that they have been dating for four months already. The said couple did their very best to keep the relationship private and away from the spotlight. The general public only discovered the said relationship when paparazzi photos of them dating circulated on the internet.

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As seen in the photos that circulated online, the couple wasn"t exactly hiding while they went out. They are just casually walking & enjoying their date. Some have seen them having their quality time around Han Riverside, holding hands, and smiling. They looked happy while they were together.


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Fast forward khổng lồ January 7, 2016, Hwang Jung Eum confirmed her plans khổng lồ tie the knot with her then-boyfriend. It was stated that the ceremony would be held in February. Then, on February 26, 2016, the wedding was held at hotel Shilla, Seoul with their close friends and family present. One year later, Hwang Jung Eum was confirmed khổng lồ be four months pregnant và gave birth khổng lồ their firstborn, a son. On August 15th, 2017.


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If you are unfamiliar with the name Lee Young Don, read on.

Korean professional golfer Lee Young Don was born on December 2, 1982. He became the CEO of a steel company after he retired from golf. With his experience in the japan Pro Golf Tour, Lee Young Don became a representative for a golf management company in Japan.