Krug clos dambonnay

Krug ist one des the most prestigious houses in Champagne. Whenever ich hear the name Krug, the zuerst thing comes right into my mind is celebration zum a an extremely special occasion.

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Created bei 1843 über Johann-Joseph Krug, ns son von a butcher bei Mainz. Joseph Krug left Mainz at the age des 24 und started his career an Champagne Jacquesson as in accountant. After ~ spending 8 year working weil das Jacquesson, he has traveled around Europe to various wine merchants and listened to customers’ criticism, über then, joseph has already learnt a lot about Champagne blending. Bei 1841, Joseph got married und moved to Reims die year after. In 1843, Krug et Cie was born.


Uniqueness von Krug

1. Wines space fermented in old oak barrels

One des the crucial differentiation of Krug is the fermentation. All ns juice undergoes first fermentation an old oak casks zum 5-10 days without temperature control und stays inside ns casks zum about 2 months. The old casks permit a herbal micro-oxygenation which provides Krug a rich and broad range von flavours from the slight oxidation.

2. Famous zum being Pinot driven and take pride bei using good proportion des Pinot Meunier

Krug Grande Cuvee ist famous zum the blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, und Chardonnay. Krug take away pride bei using a high percentage of Pinot Meunier, a grape variety that is overshadowed by the famous Chardonnay und Pinot Noir.

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3. Expanded ageing ~ above lees (yeast)

Grande Cuvee ages on lees zum 6-7 years, 5 years zum the Rosé, and at least 10 years zum Vintage Krug, Clos außerdem Mesnil and Clos d’Ambonnay. ~ disgorgement, the bottles then lie in their cellar for one year before being released onto ns market.

4. The only significant Champagne house zu use big proportion von reserve wine

Up to 50% of Krug Grande Cuvee is made up of reserve wine (a blend of 1990 zu 2007)

The current 2017 release von Krug Grande Cuvee (Edition 164) basic wine zu sein from die 2008 vintage (30-50%).

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5. Ageability

Krug ist known zum their extremely lang lifespan. I schutz tasted Krug Grande Cuvee released in the mid 90s and it was gorgeous! Full des life und complex aromas. Ns vintage Krug can age zum even longer!

For die info about different Krug Grande Cuvee age und labels, visit How zu identify the age of a Krug Grande Cuvée.