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American horror Story: Why dame Gaga Hasn’t went back After Season 6 lady Gaga has actually appeared in two seasons of American horror Story, but ns popular celebrity hasn"t to be involved in the collection since 2016. Here"s why.

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Lady Gaga as Scathach an AHS Roanoke
Stefani Germanotta, finest known under the stage benennen of lady Gaga, appeared bei two seasons of American horror Story, but she hasn"t returned since 2016"s Roanoke. Die singer-songwriter kommissar to prominence bei 2008 through her erste studio album, The Fame. Dame Gaga emerged as one des the most famous celebrities heading into ns next decade, und was a major headliner when she was cast bei season 5 von Ryan Murphy"s horror anthology. Before that, Gaga had actually a couple of limited acting avenues in The Sopranos and Machete Kills.

Based top top Gaga"s epic stage performances, it ended up being easy zu envision ns figure in Murphy"s eccentric horror series. Not only was she added to the cast zum season 5"s Hotel, yet she was tapped to play the highlights role of elisabeth Johnson, aka "The Countess." Her personality was ns wife of james Patrick March, und the owner des the infamous hotel Cortez. She was so infected v a blood virologe that gave her a wahrscheinlichkeit of immortality, allowing her to oversee die ongoings von the hotel. Though herstellung performance garnered mixed reviews indigenous critics, Gaga winner a Golden globus Award zum Best Actress zum her portrayal des the ritzy bloodsucker.

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Gaga returned die following season, which concentrated on die lost colony des Roanoke. The installment first followed a TV documentary re-enactment von horrific events that took place punkt a farmhouse while the second half of die season focused ~ above what taken place after die production of the series. This time around, Gaga served as a distinct guest star, appearing as ns re-enactment ausführung of Scáthach, bei immortal witch who was the first Supreme. Her time filming die Roanoke role was featured bei Gaga: Five fuß Two, a 2017 Netflix documentary movie. In it, Gaga had actually a bit of a problem with die American fear Story producers regarding story direction. The superstar seemed dissatisfied with creative differences too as the stress over her other recurring projects at ns time. Although the disagreement wasn"t die confirmed cause of Gaga"s absence in the seasons that followed, it"s very likely she needed a break kommen sie focus top top other aspects of produziert career.

die same year the Gaga appeared bei Roanoke, she dropped produziert fifth studio album, Joanne. Adhering to its release, ns singer carried out a world tour that lasted until February 2018. Danach that year, Gaga starred alongside Bradley Cooper in the recent remake of A Star ist Born. She played the female command of Ally Maine, und ended trost getting nominated for in Academy Award for her work. Despite she didn"t win, produziert performance zum "Shallow" ended up winning the year"s ideal Original Song. Following her big exhilaration gig, Gaga go right back to arbeiten with produziert music, developing Chromatica, which dropped an April 2020. Aside from the plans for bei upcoming tour, Gaga is set kommen sie star in Ridley Scott"s upcoming crime film about Maurizio Gucci.

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While Gaga"s busy schedule most likely prevented the star from appearing in American horror Story"s tonnage three seasons, it"s blieb possible the she can cameo down die line. Die horror series is gearing up zum its milestone tenth season. As fans await American horror Story season 10, they tun können be solve knowing an additional three seasons are on the way and a spinoff, American horror Stories. This provides Gaga plenty des opportunities zu return to die series that offered as her zuerst major TV exhilaration gig.

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