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Before Warner Bros. Submitted ‘A Star is Born” bei drama at the gelb Globes, Lady Gagahad been ns overwhelming favorite to win ideal Comedy/Musical Actress — und could very well victory Best drama Actress also if ns submission zu sein approved. Yet as every person who’s on the internet knows, this ain’t her erste rodeo with the hollywood Foreign drücken sie Association. Gaga famously won in 2016 for “American fear Story: Hotel” and even much more famously helped produce one des the best awards zeigen moments of all time.

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Gaga took home the Best restricted Series/TV Movie Actress Globe zum her rotate as die Countess end Kirsten Dunst (“Fargo”), Sarah Hay (“Flesh and Bone”), Felicity Huffman (“American Crime”) und Queen Latifah (“Bessie”). As she made produziert way to die stage, she brushed up againstLeonardo DiCaprio‘s chair. Die actor, that won danach that night zum “The Revenant,” clearly was not expecting something to bump into him und gave us a priceless reaction wie man he realized who it was who slinked past.

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Iconic. The side-eye makes it 290,034 mal better. However DiCaprio wasn’t being shady: the said later on that he merely didn’t recognize what was behind him.

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“We were laughing around that afterwards. I actually had actually no idea who was passing me or what was going on, yet that was a funny little bit that went around. Us were laughing weist it at ns after party,” he told ITV’s “This Morning.” “It’s amazing what go viral these days. I guess I’m of a various generation now. I oase no idea where this stuff comes from or exactly how it’s even captured!”

The Gaga-Leo meet-cute has actually overshadowed herstellung speech, in which she breathlessly thanked Ryan Murphy, produziert fellow actors members und family — und opened through a reference kommen sie another singer-turned-actress. “I feel choose Cher an that John patrick Shanley film ‘Moonstruck’ best now,” Gaga said.

Cher, des course, won the Best Actress Oscar zum ‘Moonstruck,’ beating Glenn Close (“Fatal Attraction”), who’s the Best Actress Oscar favorite this year zum “The Wife,” slightly ahead von Gaga. Will history repeat itself?

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