Are you using a fenstern 10 laptop but ns computer display screen goes schwarze farbe randomly? This is bei annoying thing but don"t be worried. Here, this post ist written zum you kommen sie fix a laptop schwarz screen (2 cases) zu run the computer smoothly.

Du schaust: Laptop bildschirm wird immer wieder schwarz

Laptop screen Randomly go Black

According zu users" feedback, computer system getting a schwarze farbe screen is a common issue. Some users have reported the the schwarze farbe screen doesn’t constantly occur. However, wie it does, ns laptop display goes schwarze farbe for a second; then 5 secs later, it wake up again. It kann sein even repeat numerous times.

Perhaps you are suffering a arbitrarily PC schwarze farbe screen that kann bother you a lot since there ist not any error code or message giving you in idea where to anfang troubleshooting.

An unexpected schwarze farbe screen kann sein happen ~ above Asus, Lenovo, HP or Dell laptops in a number des scenarios in Windows 10, which may stem native hardware issues und logical faults - weil das example, a connection belästigt with her display, energie supply, hard disk, internal memory, graphic card, viruist attack, mistaken operations, software incompatibility and more.

In die following section, we"ll zeigen you plenty of steps to help you troubleshoot and fix the schwarz screen problem on your fenster 10 device.

Tip: Sometimes you may get a schwarze farbe screen when booting fenster rather than computer system screen goes schwarz randomly throughout use. Bei this case, you can read this post - Here zu sein the Way i Fix schwarze farbe Screen verfehlt When Booting windows to find solutions.

Important: rückseitig up essential Files before Troubleshooting schwarze farbe Scren

No matte which method you use to fix ns issue of the display screen goes black randomly, in order to ensure your säule security, we strongly introduce backing trost your necessary files erste of every since dünn loss may happen weist any time and anywhere in case of a random schwarze farbe screen.

If die laptop display keeps walking black, freundin might it is in unable to enter die computer desktop. Then, freundin may ask: how tun können I back up my files bei the occasion of in unbootable laptop? Actually, it is easy as lang as freundin use a professional Windows backup software for windows 10/8/7.

Here, we imply using ShadowMaker Bootable ausführung to create a paper backup when ns screen goes schwarz randomly. First, sie need zu use ns Trial planke of this software and create a bootable bowl or USB speed drive von using the Media Builder feature to back up files in WinPE.

Note that Trial auflage only offers you 30-day totally free trial. Kommen sie use die software all the time, you tun können upgrade to a full ausführung like pro Edition.

Free Download

After die bootable disc or drive ist created, go zu BIOS zu change the as the first boot order to run your computer from it und then anfang a backup.

You may need zu refer to:

Step 1: bei the PE Loder interface, you tun können click the erste option Program to launch ShadowMaker.


Step 2: Then, this back-up software for fenster 10/8/7 möchte run. Just go to ns Backup page where you kann view all system related partitions space selected in the Source section.

Here, her purpose zu sein to back up files before fixing the random laptop schwarz screen, dafür you need kommen sie manually pick what sie need to zurück up. Nur go to die Source module kommen sie enter the following interface, click Folders and Files und choose ns significant files sie want to back up an the pop-up window.


Step 3: following go to die Destination module where some choices are offered weil das you zu choose. Nur select one zu store ns backed up file image. Here, it zu sein recommended to select in external hard drive or USB drive.


Step 4: after finishing die source and destination selection, click Back trost Now taste to operation a paper backup weist once.



Right now, it zu sein time for you zu fix die random laptop schwarze farbe screen belästigung after you have backed hoch or conserved your necessary data. Go to die next step kommen sie find the solutions.

Fixed - display Goes schwarze farbe Randomly fenster 10/8/7

As mentioned in the erste part, her laptop screen may get black due zu many reasons. Here in this part, us will nur you die different services due to different cases: hardware issues und software issues.

Case 1: Hardware Issues reason Screen to Get schwarz Randomly

Perform straightforward Checks

The most common and critical hardwares that kann cause laptop black screen room the stärke supply, liquid kristall display, storage bank, difficult disk, motherboard, etc. Dafür it is necessary for you zu troubleshoot this one über one.

1. First, examine your energie supply. Sometimes, zum a laptop, if the power itself has a problem, it is possible that the screen goes schwarz even though plugging in bei external stärke supply.

In this case, you can choose zu remove the energie from her laptop and plug in in external energie supply. If the fenstern can boot up, perhaps die internal power zu sein corrupted. Nur go kommen sie buy another zu replace it.

2. If the energie indicator ist on all ns time and the external power zu sein plugged bei properly, climate a random laptop schwarze farbe screen is not caused von the power. Deshalb you need to carefully check die cooling fans port to see whether there zu sein wind und check if die hard disk indicator light ist on.

3. If there ist no problem, restart her laptop and hear if there zu sein a continuous beeping voice. If yes, perhaps ns memory stick is loose. Just plug it rückseitig in.


4. Next, check your graphics card or liquid kristall display. Connect the external Überwachen to the außen display interface des the laptop, restart windows OS and see whether the außen display can work normally.

If yes, the motherboard, CPU, hard disk, graphics card, and memory don"t walk wrong. And perhaps it zu sein the liquid crystal display that leads to ns issue laptop display screen keeps going black. And then freundin need in after-sales leistungen to fix die displayer.

If the außen displayer doesn"t show anything, ns motherboard or graphics card may be broken. Also, freundin need zu ask bei after-sales service zum help.


5. Sometimes, the laptop temperature ist too high; bei this case, if freundin often play games despite ns heat dissipation power bot being good, as a result, the screen goes black randomly due to ns graphics card temperature being too high. 

Check her graphics map to see if it"s shed out. If not, please clear die dust thoroughly, reclean the exhaust system, use silicone, und replace the fan.

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Case 2: Laptop display screen Goes schwarze farbe Randomly due to Software Isuses

In addition kommen sie hardware issues, your computer system screen goes black randomly because of some software program problems. First, shot a simple way.

Wake up die Display

This way is in easy solution. Just use the Windows logo key + Ctrl + change + B keyboard shortcut zu wake hoch your display. If fenstern is responsive, a brief beep möchte sound and the screen will blink or dim when windows attempts kommen sie refresh the screen.

If it couldn"t work, sie can boot your laptop kommen sie Safe Mode to fix a schwarz screen problem.

Boot an Safe Mode zu Fix black Screen

Quick videos Guide:

Step 1: If freundin are unable to see anything on ns screen due kommen sie a black screen, restart your PC, when die blue fenstern logo appears, drücken sie the energie button und reboot. Repeat these procedures several zeit until fenster 10 automatic repair ist triggering.

Or you can prepare a fix disc und use the to boot your laptop, then click Repair your computer to enter WinRE.

Step 2: when you lakers the Choose in option menu, just click Troubleshoot.


Step 3: Go to Advanced alternatives > Startup settings > Restart.

Step 4: in the Startup setting page, niederdrücken F4 or F5 kommen sie enter for sure Mode.


In safe Mode, you tun können try part troubleshooting steps. Let"s see einzelheiten from die following paragraphs.

Way 1: Reinstall your Graphics card Driver

Some von you report the issue - die computer display goes black but computer blieb running. For example, freundin are listening to music or playing ns games, however only die screen becomes schwarze farbe while die voice is blieb present. In this case, you tun können take ns graphics card driver into consideration.

If die video treiber isn"t functioning properly, you kann uninstall it in Safe Mode, und then let the operating system reinstall the treiber automatically bei the process of a restart.

Step 1: If your Asus, HP or Lenovo laptop screen goes schwarz randomly an Windows 10, right-click on die Start button and choose Device Manager.

Step 2: increase Diskpay adapter, find your graphics map driver und right-click top top it zu choose Uninstall device to fix laptop display goes schwarze farbe but still on issue.

Step 3: in the pop-up window, click Uninstall zu confirm.


Later, restart your laptop to see whether display screen goes black randomly or not.

Way 2: Change energie Settings

Perhaps die screen goes schwarz automatically or turns schwarze farbe every minute, but kann go rückseitig after moving a mouse. In this case, probably it ist due zu the energie setting of your laptop.

Step 1: in Safe mode on windows 10, type Control Panel an the search box und run this utility.

Step 2: Click Power Options.

Step 3: Click Choose when zu turn off the display link kommen sie enter the Edit plan Settings interface.


Step 4: Next, set the Turn off the display auswahl to Never and click Save changes.

Way 3: Scan and Remove virologe or Malware

Sometimes viruses kann sein cause the screen zu go black. If you haven’t installed antivirus software program on your laptop or die installed routine isn’t an effective enough to block die viruses or malware, viruses may attack your laptop.

To scan and remove viruses, you also need to boot in Safe mode with Networking, climate run ns installed antivirus routine or download one online, and next do a complete scan des your fenstern system.

Bottom Line

Right now, all possible ways to fix laptop schwarze farbe screen are shown to you. If your display screen goes screen randomly, please try ns above solutions kommen sie troubleshoot.

But firstly, you should use ShadowMaker to zurück up your important files since ns random schwarz screen might lead to data loss due to all possible causes of the laptop turning black.

Free Download

On ns other hand, if you schutz any question concerning our software application or any method zu repair schwarz screen on your Asus, HP, Lenovo or Dell laptop, you re welcome send bei email zu or leave your idea in the complying with comment part.

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