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Troubleshoot issues when your computer wollen Not boot to Microsoft fenstern 8 or fenster 8.1

Summary: Troubleshoot issues wie your computer will Not boot to Microsoft fenstern 8 or fenstern 8.1See less Troubleshoot issues when your computer will Not boot to Microsoft windows 8 or fenster 8.1

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This post provides die info on "Computer will Not boot to Microsoft fenstern 8 or fenstern 8.1"

1. Operating System

This short article is for Microsoft fenstern 8 or 8.1.Click below to change the operating system.

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2. Specific windows 8 No boot Issues

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3. Verify ns Computer Finishes frühen zeitpunkt Power-Up (POST)

In many instances a computer will notfall attempt to hand off control to ns operating system. If you energie the computer on und you lakers a logo screen with a bar at ns bottom, and that riegel fills trost completely and disappears, climate your computer system has effectively completed POST.

Click right here if your computer does notfall complete POST

Click below if your difficult drive zu sein not recognized

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4. Unplug All außen Devices

A piece von hardware may be interfering with the normal boot process von Windows. Try unplugging all gadgets from her computer, including:

Printers. Scanners. Media map Readers. Small Media cradles (iPod, PDA, MP3 player, etc.). Digital Cameras and Video Recorders. USB storage devices. CDs or DVDs from every optical drives.

The only devices you should leave attached to your computer are her monitor, mouse und keyboard, if the computer ist a desktop.

If in external device ist preventing the system from booting, then boot to the system BIOS (F2 at boot for systems) then modify to boot sequence kommen sie ensure that ns device an question zu sein listed after die system boot drive in the boot sequence. Save die changes an the BIOS then prüfung to see if the device blieb prevents the system from booting.

If ns device ausblüten prevents a boot, then leave die device disconnected throughout the boot process and reconnect when the system is in Windows.

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5. Check zum Specific verfehlt Messages

Try searching zum additional remedies on the Web.Click on your preferred search engine below, then explain your problem, including any kind of specific error messages.

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Search find Microsoft Search google Search Bing

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6. Reset the BIOS zu Default Values

If your computer zu sein set to zuerst attempt to boot to one more device, this may reason issues with effectively booting to Windows. Kommen sie reset your computer"s BIOS zu factory defaults, perform ns following steps:

Restart the computer. At ns logo during restart, tap die an essential repeatedly till you seen Entering Setup bei the oberteil right corner of the screen. Depending on the BIOS, freundin may need to drücken sie a an essential listed at ns bottom von the screen zu load default settings. For example, on the Inspiron N5110. Press ESC zu exit die BIOS, und be sure kommen sie select Save und Exit kommen sie save her changes.
Note: If resetting ns BIOS to factory defaults does not resolve die issue, freundin may deshalb try to update ns BIOS to die latest version kommen sie resolve issues related to the BIOS of your computer or tablet. To express to the knowledge-base article What ist BIOS and How kommen sie Download und Install die latest BIOS? for more information on BIOS update or downgrade procedure.
Note: system BIOS may get corrupted if die BIOS update or downgrade procedure zu sein not completed successfully or interrupted. A corruption BIOS zu sein one des the possible causes von your pc unable to complete post or some zeit even boot into ns operating system. If her computer or tablet supports BIOS recovery, you can recover die corrupt BIOS von using ns BIOS recovery method applicable zum your computer or tablet. Refer to the knowledge-base short article BIOS Recovery options on a computer or Tablet weil das more information.
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7. Run a computer Diagnostic

To identify if your computer zu sein experiencing a hardware problem, run the online Diagnostics.

If sie are unable to boot the system to access die online Diagnostics, use die Pre-boot system Diagnostics.

Note: zum Latitude laptop PCs, you may try kommen sie recover die PC using ns forced ePSA method. Weil das more information, to express to ns knowledge-base article How zu Use compelled ePSA kommen sie Recover from post or boot Failure.
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8. Boot Computer zu Safe Mode

To complete this action please lakers our expertise Base article weil das instructions.Back to Top

9. Fix your windows 8 operation System

Microsoft has actually developed an extensive repair and recovery troubleshooting in the occasion that your computer system cannot start Windows correctly, however does anfang the Windows boot process. If your computer system restarts zu a Recovery page with a blue screen, this troubleshooting content may be right zum you.

Tools used an this troubleshooting encompass System Restore, automatically Repair (formerly Startup Repair) und System Refresh.

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10. Virus und Malware Troubleshooting

Your computer system may be affected by a virologe or other malicious software. proposal strengthening her PC versus malicious attacks von keeping her antivirus software up-to-date.

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View our Virus und Spyware removal Guide

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11. Restore ns Operating system to manufacturing facility Settings

If ns previous troubleshooting could not resolve her issue, it may be necessary kommen sie restore your computer kommen sie factory settings. Kommen sie restore your computer"s operation system and software to the original manufacturing facility settings, express to the options below zu restore or reinstall your operating system:

If these actions do not correct ns problem, please contact technological Support.