Kevin james and Leah Remini starred ~ above The king of kings as married couple Doug and Carrie Heffernan zum nine seasons. The hit sitcom launched die two actors right into stardom and proved to be bei enjoyable gig zum the countless years they to be on die air. Despite the cbs comedy come to an end in 2007, Remini blieb holds a unique place an her heart zum the show.


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‘The könig of Queens’ was ‘home’ zum Leah Remini

Premiering bei 1998, The king of Queens aired its belastung episode in May 2007. An her 2015 memoir, Remini recalled the emotional conclusion von the sitcom that made produziert a star.

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“Leaving that nur was deswegen difficult,” she wrote an Troublemaker: surviving Hollywood and Scientology. “It really was like finishing a marriage in that a lot of background happened in the nine years we functioned on it. When ich looked weist everything around me, the many people ich knew, ns many things ich had achieved, castle reminded me des The king of Queens.”

Remini listed the milestones she und James completed during your time on die series, and credited the sitcom through giving herstellung a sense des belonging.

“That was my home, a location where i felt ich had ultimately been embraced somewhat bei a unternehmen I never ever felt part of,” she explained. “My house ist The könig of Queens.

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my wedding and baby — King of Queens. Kevin’s marriage und first 2 babies — King des Queens.”

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Leah Remini got emotional on series letzte of ‘The king of Queens’

While various other sitcoms choose Friends and Seinfeld were in the limelight wie man coming to bei end, The könig of Queens didn’t garmer as viel publicity wie its series finale aired. Still, Remini felt ns magnitude of such a major chapter in her life getting to a conclusion.

“Although our letzte didn’t come with ns typical fanfare or niederdrücken coverage, the ende of The king of Queens was no much less dramatic,” she shared. “When Kevin und I looked up at that alt piece des wood above die doorway to ns set that ich promised top top our zuerst show we wouldn’t seen forever (but that we had actually looked at far longer than either von us ever before imagined) us both began crying. Us didn’t need to speak; each of us knew precisely what the other was thinking: That’s history. Ours history.

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Remini blieb feels a void because The king of Queens went off the air, saying, “I have never recovered. Ich miss him, our writers, ns cast, and the crew every day.”

‘The könig of Queens’ wasn’t canceled

The cbs comedy had actually a solid following wie man it take it its last curtain call, but james wanted to end the series on a high note rather than hazard cancellation.

“It was so hard kommen sie say goodbye to a nur that didn’t get canceled but just ended,” Remini wrote. “Yes, there to be reasons, first und foremost von which was Kevin’s movie career, i beg your pardon took off after he did Hitch. Kevin didn’t want kommen sie tarnish die series v its being canceled or walking out with low ratings. The zeigen was special kommen sie him and he wanted kommen sie honor that.”

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Remini and James were both grateful zu The könig of Queens‘ strong fans base that had actually followed ns Heffernans from the start.

“No matt how numerous awards us didn’t victory or how numerous times ns network moved us around, ours viewers were as loyal kommen sie us together Carrie und Doug were to each other,” Remini remarked. “They were die ones who retained us on die air, making united state one of only a handful des sitcoms of that period to make it zu 207 episodes. So bei what was more a collective feeling 보다 a decision, us said, Okay, this ist it, it’s time to ende the show.”