Lenovo smart tab m10 mit amazon alexa test

This Alexa-enabled device can work as in Echo nur display when signing right into your amazon Alexa account.

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Lenovo's clever Tabs are multi-functioning tablet computers that tend zu lean to google Assistant users. After all, youtube has its own tab on die device, und start asking a question, and its google Assistant that offers in answer. However the smart Tab M10 with Alexa Built-in zu sein a departure, a nod zu Amazon's clever assistant plus a neat scherz — a way kommen sie turn ns tablet into an Alexa zeigen smart display. We played through it together a tablet, and as a display, to see what you gain, or don't, by adding Alexa into ns mix.

ns Lenovo smart Tab M10 through Alexa integrated comes v a Smart seebrücke that both charges die tablet and turns that into in Alexa displayconwayhistory.org

Setting up ns tablet and dock

The Lenovo smart Tab M10 v Alexa Built-in ist a bit different from previous tablet computers that we've reviewed because von its substantial dock. This ist the communication where ns tablet sits, and it needs a Bluetooth link bolzen the two.

You're going to start, though, von launching the clever Tab M10 — and then you're going zu want kommen sie immediately sign right into your Alexa account. Don't schutz one? You're gonna require it, due to the fact that without an amazonas Alexa account you're notfall going kommen sie be able kommen sie use precisely die feature that makes ns device: die ability zu use Alexa as your voice assistant, and the rotate that transforms it into in Alexa Show.

Why would you want die Alexa zeigen mode? That's a display feature that mirrors die Echo Show, und brings up news, weather, lets you do calls to contacts (and actually anyone who phone number you tun können read aloud to ns voice assistant), und even usage some Alexa-only attributes like Drop-In which records your saying something, "Dinner's ready!") und then send that out to other Alexa devices.

tasten on the Smart anklagebank include one that lets you mute ns microphoneconwayhistory.org

Without in Alexa account, you're walk to end up using this tablet as a google Assistant device. Und that's fine. Bei fact, kommen sie bring up Google's voice assistant sie don't even oase to sign in at all. Und actually, you tun können sign right into the amazonas Alexa apps on ns tablet and speak zu Alexa that method too. However that's notfall going to link the smart Tab to ns dock and let die display go into Alexa show mode.

I take it this route — bypassing the Alexa auswahl — and found it was tricky to go back and sign in, and so link the dock to the tablet über Bluetooth. I finally walk both, but i recommend doing all this at die beginning.

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Alexa's Inside

With Alexa within there's a lot you kann take advantage of, including amazon amenities like amazonas Music. But here's what freundin can't carry out — you can't watch prime Video without downloading a finish separate apps from the app Store. Und yes, sie need a google account to do that, so you kann sein get into google Play. YouTube zu sein right there, a google entity, front and center, through its very own tab as with other Lenovo clever Tab's we've reviewed. However with this Alexa Built-in, you don't have amazonas Prime.

Again, amazonas Music comes trost quickly if freundin ask Alexa, und you can even seen the benennen of the song und the album as music plays. However eventually it wollen dawn on you that while the seebrücke has Amazon's Alexa developed inside — you're really working v a google Assistant/Android tablet that's bridging right into Alexa's goods.

ns Lenovo clever Tab M10 with Alexa built-in flips into Alexa show mode if you sign an to the Alexa accountconwayhistory.org

The Alexa show mode is also something freundin need to be excited kommen sie use — in fact, I'd say it needs to be major reason freundin want the Lenovo smart Tab M10 through Alexa Built-in, if you're to buy it. Bei Alexa show mode ns screen changes constantly, nearly every 10 secs with suggestions on what i might want kommen sie try next in terms of Alexa attributes from recipes to news stories. Ich did like ns graphics when ich asked for specific features, choose news, but i probably wouldn't want zu keep this ~ above a arbeiten station, where i primarily experiment it, as ich found die imagery changing so often distracting.

I deshalb found die screen, bei Alexa show mode, would certainly occasionally obtain stuck, specifically on a feature called "Welcome kommen sie Where the Truck," which was actually a disconcerting endure where Alexa would read aloud a story. Clearly amazonas was trying here to modulate Alexa's voice zu sound more human, and yet it nur couldn't get ns voice assistant zu stop ending sentences v occasional uplifts, und remove those strange methods AI express words and emphasize details sounds. ("Good morning Dave.") Lenovo doesn't oase anything zu do v this feature, yet it was disturbing enough, the felt precious mentioning.

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Once ich had to reboot die entire tablet, after ich could turn off a frozen screen. And the dock und tablet frequently disconnected native each other from Bluetooth, going bei and out of pairing mode, occasionally while Alexa was talking. This meant sometimes ns audio came an via ns dock and sometimes via ns tablet.

Pull ns Lenovo clever Tab M10 with Alexa built-in off the dock, und you schutz a smart Tab M10 tablet bei your handconwayhistory.org

Lenovo smart Tab with Alexa mit Lenovo clever Tab with google Assistant

The tablet, in all fairness, zu sein really ns same one you're obtaining with die Lenovo clever Tab M10 FHD Plus, both in size und what's inside. Both have 10.3-inch FHD displays, both schutz two speakers with Dolby Atmos, und both weigh around 1 pound. Cameras are so exactly ns same v a behind 8 mp autofocus camera and a front 5 mp fixed emphasis lens, und both support confront unlock. We've done a full review von this tablet — which ist one we think ist a an excellent value for android users.

Really, ns primarily difference betwee the two lies with the stand. With ns M10 with google Assistant, you have a simple, very grundlegend plastic holder that deshalb charges ns tablet. It has a klein footprint, and almost disappears wie man it's bei place.

But this clever Tab with Alexa built-in comes through a clever Dock, a substantial gestanden that is meant kommen sie be checked out unlike ns one top top the google Assistant version. To anfang this version is covered in gray fabric, die same that startseite many von Lenovo's clever home devices including the clever Clock. Second there room two 3W speakers developed inside, also with Dolby Atmos, in addition to controls for volume, muting ns microphone und the Bluetooth verknüpfung too.

The Smart gift changes die feel and look des the whole device. Suddenly, instead des a arbeiten object, sie really have something that kann sit in a living room, or a bookshelf or a kitchen (although with that gray cloth I'd save it far from die stove.) There, v Alexa show mode running, die entire device zu sein cohesive and homey. You go indigenous a work tool zu a smart home enhancement — und all because von this smart Dock.

die Lenovo clever Tab M10 with google Assistant on the left, und the Lenovo clever Tab M10 through Alexa integrated on die rightconwayhistory.org


The Lenovo clever Tab M10 FHD Plus with Alexa integrated starts punkt $229.99 with 64GB, but die one us tested zu sein the 128GB version and is priced hinweisen $279.99. Together a comparison, ns Lenovo clever Tab M10 FHD plus with google Assistant zu sein $219.99 with 64GB und $269.99 with the 128GB, although die latter version is not currently accessible on Lenovo's site.

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We've reviewed the Lenovo smart Tab M10 an the past. It's a hard tablet. Is the addition of Alexa integrated worth the shift to buying this version — and paying about $10 more? If you're an amazonas Alexa user, und you're an the market weil das a display and a tablet, the Lenovo smart Tab M10 with Alexa Built-in ist a great item for your space. You get a good android tablet, you get a pleasant anklagebank that charges and also acts as a mini-speaker, und you gain the option to morph the entire set-up into a durable Alexa display. You can make calls, take advantage of Alexa tools, use your Alexa Skills, und still switch back to ns regular Lenovo tablet computer mode.

ns Lenovo clever Tab M10 v Alexa built-in has a more substantial baseconwayhistory.org

If you're not in Alexa user, or you're nur not interested in trying out Alexa features, this is a an equipment you can skip. There space cheaper ways to introduce you zu Amazon's voice assistant, like the updated Echo dot (4th Gen) and you're most likely going kommen sie be just fine with the Lenovo smart Tab M10.

Still, if you're bei the amazonas camp, und you've to be eyeing one of the larger Echo zeigen models, sie might want to consider the Lenovo clever Tab M10 with Alexa Built-in. You're getting that Alexa device, to add a tablet. A new Echo zeigen does have some neat included features, prefer a camera that can follow freundin as you move around, favor chatting with family while you're prepping dinner, zum example. Yet you're going to pay $249.99 zum that device — und it's not a portable tablet computer you kann sein take with you to school, und it's definitely not going kommen sie have google Assistant pack inside as well.

That makes this a well tablet zum any Alexa user, also given its occasional glitch or two, or someone that wants zu try Amazon's voice assistant and have die tablet auswahl as a back-up too.

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Amazon Alexa voice assistant enabledSupports Alexa nur modeDoubles together a display und a tablet


Designed mostly for amazonas Alexa customers or fansSome glitches with Alexa zeigen modeDock and tablet occasionally disconnect from every other via Bluetooth

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Check out die conwayhistory.org, our smart home compatibility checker to seen the various other compatible products that arbeiten with google Assistant and amazonas Alexa allowed devices.