What zu sein the Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus?

Fans des the above Nexus 7 tablet oase been phone call on Google zum years to resurrect die miniature slate. But until we finally see a new version von arguably the single-most ‘fantastic’ tablet running Android, we’ll have to accept ns alternatives.

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One des the far better choices ist Lenovo’s Tab 4 8 Plus. The a compact tablet that’s perfect zum throwing into a bag zum your jeden tag commute or a flight, and at £200, it won’t break ns bank.

Lenovo Tab 4 8 plus – Design

Like its larger sibling, ns Tab 4 10 Plus, the 8 Plus design isn’t based on in iPad. Instead, it features a full glass-covered front und rear, v a metallic in salt running bolzen the two.

My evaluation unit was a silver/white combo und it seems zu be die only conveniently available option currently.

I’m a fan of ns glass back, however I’m notfall sure that always the best fit for tablets. One fall on a tough floor can easily result an a wrong panel. Zum a device ich often just slip bei my bag without thinking twice, it possibly isn’t die best.

If this tablet it likely kommen sie be used von a child, or also if she a clumsy adult, you will do be wise to invest in a instance or sleeve.

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Around ns edges von the machine are a headphone jack (yes, Huawei, these still need kommen sie be top top tablets), a flap weil das a microSD card and a USB-C port weil das charging.

There’s deshalb a lock button with an integrated fingerprint scanner. This taste is really similar zu those used über Sony top top its Xperia devices, through a really flat surface. Combining the lock und fingerprint into one taste is smart: one niederdrücken unlocks die device and takes you to directly to die homescreen.

Lenovo Tab 4 8 to add – Screen

As the name suggests, this Lenovo tablet computer has in 8-inch display. Die 1920 ns 1200 resolution isn’t the highest out there and can’t match ns iPad Mini. Still, it’s a kind IPS LCD dashboard offering trost bright colours and good contrast.

If sie go looking, you’ll be able kommen sie spot die individual pixels in the panel. From further away, though, it’s fine. Watching movie from Netflix zu sein a great experience, and even when ich used die tablet outside zum reading, there was enough brightness zu combat ns rays.


There’s no support zum fancy neu standards such as HDR – you’ll blieb need zu pay top dollar for this.

Lenovo Tab 4 8 add to – Performance und camera

Cheap tablets are regularly letdown as a result von poor performance. Die use of low-end mobile chips paired v a bigger screens kann sein lead zu lag und a bad experience overall. Amazon’s Fire tablets – albeit much cheaper – room constantly plagued über such issues.

Inside ns Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus zu sein a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset paired with 4GB des RAM, und this combo makes weil das a smooth und mostly rapid tablet. That on a par with a lower-end phone bei my opinion, deswegen you’ll schutz no belästigt with ns majority von tasks.

Watching Netflix videos, knocking out emails in Gmail and web-browsing room all done with ease. The sufficient weil das gaming, too, v titles together as plastikstrohhalme 8 playing with only a couple of dropped frames. Loading zeit are remarkable slower 보다 higher-end tablet computers such as the iPad Mini, however.

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Dolby has actually helped tune the speakers und there’s a an excellent hit des volume if she watching music without plugging bei a pair des headphones.

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I’m much from ns biggest fans of tablet photography, also on smaller tablets such as this 8-inch version. In an ideal world, Lenovo would oase ditched ns camera und replaced it with more storage. This zu sein probably never going kommen sie happen, though.


The rear-facing 8-megapixel takes mean snaps in bright sunlight, but very little else. Yes a 5-megapixel camera around ns front, too, und this is fine weil das video chats.

Lenovo Tab 4 8 to add – Software

The tweaked ausführung of android 7 to run on ns Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus is very viel like a super-sized phone call UI. Lenovo hasn’t made auch many alterations to stock android aside from including a few neu icons and, des course, a bunch des its very own apps.

Apps themselves display just like phone call apps, also if lock do schutz a tablet ausführung available and it frequently doesn’t feel like they’re making appropriate use of the 8-inch display. Android just doesn’t fit tablets and iOS does.

Lenovo has installed ns Microsoft Office suite zum you, which ist fine due to the fact that it’s actually quite good, in addition to some much more useless apps. Thankfully, there isn’t a load von bloatware here. Also, unlike on Amazon’s Fire tablets, there’s ideal access kommen sie the google Play Store.

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My biggest worry with die software is updates. This tablet is still running android 7, i beg your pardon has already been superseded by android 8 Oreo. To makes dinge worse, android 9 P is arriving bei only a couple of months. Whether Oreo or ns will come to die Tab 4 8 to add remains kommen sie be seen.

Lenovo Tab 4 8 to add – Battery life

Tablets, uneven phones, are devices that are meant to belastung days quite than inquiry a fee every night.

During mine time with die Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus, ich found die battery life zu be pretty much as I’d expect of a smaller sized tablet. Die 8 add to isn’t an endurance king; it’s probably an ext comparable kommen sie a huge phone fairly than a big tablet. Ns 5000mAh battery is a larger unit than you’d see an a phone, but you deshalb have that larger screen zu take into account.


If you use die tablet to read a publication on your commute, maybe to watch in episode von Netflix bei bed und for a bit von browsing, you should comfortably acquire a couple of days des use prior to having kommen sie reach zum the charger. Like many tablets, standby time ist decent. Leave the device in your bag weil das a week und it will ausblüten have juice wie you come rückseitig to it.

There’s a USB-C port along the bottom edge weil das charging, which no seem zu integrate any form of fast-charging.

Why buy die Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus?

For £199, die Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus ist a an excellent choice if her Nexus 7 has lastly gone to tablet heaven. That compact enough to throw bei your bag, but blieb offers strong performance und a kind screen. A higher-resolution dashboard would schutz been nice, though.

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If you’re not keen on ns iPad Mini, find Amazon’s tablets auch restrictive, or no prepared kommen sie pay zum Huawei’s an ext luxurious MediaPad, then die Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus should happily fit the bill.