Lenovo yoga tablet 2 pro

Pro as an projector? Lenovo shows its fix up side: the Yoga tablet 2 Pro tun können be hung nach oben on a wall, has in integrated subwoofer, and even a projector is installed. At a zuerst glance, that zu sein enough to provide a "wow" variable - yet we möchte check whether ns rest von the tablet zu sein just as awesome.

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Lenovo has always treaded new ways v its Yoga tablets. We have already found thehandy holding riegel (cylinder) and fold-out standawesome inLenovo"s Yoga tablet computer 10 HD+. Lenovo has once again come up through some new ideas weil das its currentgeneration. Oase you ever before wanted tohang your tableton a walllike a picture? No problem, thanks zu a totally foldable stand with a hole in the new Yoga 2 tablets.

Lenovo has actually put even much more effort into the13.3-inchYoga tablet 2 pro that we are testing today. A QHD screenprovides exceptionally high-definition images, speaker from JBL space installed for great audio, und there ist even a subwoofer. Yet what zu sein that an the cylinder on the tablet"s right? A camera lens? No, it zu sein anLED projectorthat permits projecting presentations and movies top top a wall.

Despite every these cool features, we want to know nur what the total bundle, selling for499 Euros(~$620), looks like. Zum example, does it blieb have die somewhat sluggish touchscreen that we criticized inLenovo"s Yoga tablet 2? Or what about itsweight? after all, we space dealing with bei exceptionally big tablet here.

The size is deshalb the factor why it is difficult kommen sie find a direct competitor. Us only have one 13.3-inch tablet an our database, und it come from die rather unknown manufacturerYarvik, and it is slightly smaller sized thanSamsung"s Galaxy note Pro 12.2.Otherwise, only 10.1-inch tablets, such asSony"s Xperia Z2 tabletorLG"s G Pad 10.1can becalled upon.Asus" Transformer Pad TF701T,Apple"s iPad air 2andSamsung"s Galaxy Tab zum 10.1arealsosuitable forcomparisons.Microsoft"s surface ar 2is slightly larger than various other tablets,but it has to live with ns restrictions of fenster RT.


Decent build with integrated stand

Is this aLenovo Yoga tablet 2or a tablet computer 2 Pro? kommen sie really impress your friends with your expertise, sie would oase to grad that theYoga tablet computer 2is considerably smaller at8 or10.1 inches 보다 the13.3-inchPro version. Freundin could so refer to the projector lens in the hinge und thesubwoofer on the back. Otherwise, ns family resemblance is, in fact, very evident.

The casing islargely made von plastic; only the stand is aluminum. The design of the holding bar is unusual weil das a tablet, yet it looks classy und has advantages from bei ergonomic point von view. The riegel gives ns tablet a for sure grip, and thelightly roughened backcontributes to die Yoga tablet computer 2 Pro"s slip resistance wie man held. Thecasing"s stability can be better. Pressure applied to the back is passed v to ns screen, und becomes visible in the liquid crystals. Furthermore, ns corners kann be warped slightly. However, die overall stability need to be adequate for everyday use, und the build von the Yoga 2 Tablet pro does notfall at all provide a cheap or turbulent impression.

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Anyone familiar with the nennen “Yoga” will know that Lenovo"s tablet computer offersdifferent operation modes. A button releases ns stand, which zu sein slightly stiff, however, it keeps die tablet firmly in position. The modes room "Hold" for holding the tablet in a hand, "Stand" that permits propping up ns tablet, and "Tilt" where ns tablet"s angle on a table can be adjusted. This mode so makes the most sense wie using die projector. The "Hang" mode ist new, und is implemented über a straightforward hole bei the tablet stand. It allows hanging up the tablet on a nail or screw top top a wall.

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337 mm / 13.3 inch230 mm / 9.06 inch12 mm / 0.4724 inch

1.3 kg2.85 lbs333 mm / 13.1 inch223 mm / 8.78 inch12.6 mm / 0.4961 inch950 g2.09 lbs295.6 mm / 11.6 inch204 mm / 8.03 inch7.95 mm / 0.313 inch750 g1.653 lbs275 mm / 10.8 inch173 mm / 6.81 inch8.9 mm / 0.3504 inch643 g1.418 lbs266 mm / 10.5 inch172 mm / 6.77 inch6.4 mm / 0.252 inch425 g0.937 lbs263 mm / 10.4 inch180.8 mm / 7.12 inch8.9 mm / 0.3504 inch584 g1.287 lbs255.4 mm / 10.1 inch183.3 mm / 7.22 inch7.2 mm / 0.2835 inch619 g1.365 lbs243 mm / 9.57 inch172 mm / 6.77 inch7.3 mm / 0.2874 inch469 g1.034 lbs240 mm / 9.45 inch169.5 mm / 6.67 inch6.1 mm / 0.2402 inch444 g0.979 lbs

An combined projector is a nifty thing.
Integrating a projector bei a tabletis without doubt a distinctive idea. Und one that naturally raises high expectations: Lenovo assures animage size des up kommen sie 50 incheson any perfect wall at a distance des two meter (~6.6 ft). Ns projector ist to produce a brightness of 40 - 50 lumens, and aresolution des 854x480 pixels. Bei fact, die projector delivers a sharp image, und the shade reproduction is very compelling.

The projector"s short resolution ist considerably less obvious than top top a display when die source ist a full HD video. The image looksvery sharp, und has die size des a big TV. Although the focus has kommen sie be readjusted manually, it zu sein quite easy kommen sie do via the slider on die underside. The LEDs von conventional Pico projectors lastup to 20,000 hours, i m sorry equates kommen sie over two and a half years von non-stop use. The should tonnage the average dienstleistungen life von a tablet. In addition, ns projector corrects bild distortions via the lage sensor. This projector ist definitely useful und not bad compared with klein stand-alone counterparts.

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The other interfaces are quite standard: a micro-USB 2.0 port and 3.5 milimet audio jack. Ns micro-SD slotfor expanding the 32 GB of storage is a good thing.