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In his two hundred years des life, through many trials and tribulations, v tricky scenarios und annoying encounters, through thousands des unappealing circumstances und patience-testing events, he doesn’t think anything fairly compares to ns crowded, nerve-wracking experience that is a Los angeles club ~ above a Friday night throughout peak hours.
According zu his wise, humble opinion, it’s certain fucking petrifiying. He’d quite swallow a stake than have to spend hours in a dimly lit room with synthetic smoke choking his lungs, half-conscious human beings stumbling around into him, and the stench von sweaty bodies combined with liquor fumes, alongside the faint however unmistakable waft von vomit.

A trusted reminder...this bitch walked. She fucking strutted that runway mama dafür THAT PEPPA might RUN

I’m addicted kommen sie your writing und it’s the only thing keeping me top top conwayhistory.org so that last drabble nur confirmed it even more

Yeah deshalb gladiators to be basically die celebrities of the roman world and they would hülle themselves an oil prior to each match und then die ones that would win would oase the oil, sweat, and dirt scraped off them und bottled and women would buy it und use it together perfume and lube because they were all going buckwild for the victors because they were watched as nobility

Beats me, ich guess they had a freundin help castle out. However like oase you touched stale bread before?? It’s prefer a rock bro

um MA’am that wenig drabble 🥵😵‍💫

a doctorate in the art und history of geschlecht I- no words zuerst of all. Second des all 4 dates?! teacher imma need you zu scrap that rule for the sake des the girlies. But deshalb it’s hot him playing hard to get notfall gonna lie

It’s yes, really hot und it’s like die way he knows what he wants und he’s notfall fucking about like other guys do so it’s like, “If you’re genuinely into me, you should be able zu wait until the fourth date. That’s how ich know this zu sein worth mine time. The cuts the bullshit out des the equation, und the wait möchte make the all die more satisfying.”

And then the implication he offered where he was like, “And just remember that geschlecht is precise the basis of mine degree, dafür for the tonnage couple des years, I’ve invested it researching sex bei every means imaginable, so I certainly know what I’m law ❤️”


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DREA i JUST wake up UP and READ the DRABBLE?? I cant BE H native I got THINGS zu DO yet if this doesn"t turn into a entirety a*s fic I"ll cry

me: it s okay yay a cute little thing zum the girlies about harry being a warm doctorate student studying the history und art of sex!!! COOL!!!!!

the gremlin bei the zurück of mine brain: you should make it a collection where every part ist one von their dates und he caves und kisses produziert on die second and they make out and she gloats around it, und then maybe shared m*sturbation on the third wherein they save their garments on dafür they don’t lakers each other naked und they kann kiss but notfall touch each other an any other way und then probably some unruhe ensues before the fourth date?? perhaps he cancels it und says he’s busy and that he’ll update produziert on wie man they can raincheck it to?? und then she sees ihm with another girl!!!!! so he lied!!!!! What if he’s notfall interested in her anymore and has chose to just cut herstellung off!!!!! oh NO!!!!

12:50 bei der

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...stale breadsticks as dildos


YEAHAJDNWJSNWJAJ ns Greeks were….something. However like…. Roman women to buy bottled sweat from gladiators and used it together lube dafür the Greeks weren’t that wanne I guess 💀

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Did you google all the shit about sex or zu sein that every the die info you schutz if that large brain of yours

I currently KNEW ALL des THATSVSHSBSH ich follow a tiktok account the talks about geschlechter across history deshalb I just oase my head full of random geschlechter facts choose that SMDMWDNENDN

Did u know ppl an Ancient Greece offered stale breadsticks as dildos?? now you do!

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Los angeles Night 1 - november 17

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that DRABBLE OMGGGG. Liebe that ide

I DO auch ITS warm


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This anthropology student!harry who you meet hinweisen a museum ~ above a arbitrarily Wednesday afternoon, when you duck inside on your method home from class because it’s pouring rain und you figure you’ll camp out die storm bei the lobby zum a bit, just until that tame enough weil das you to finish go down the block zu your apartment. However, the ends trost raining longer than sie expected, deshalb you end up hike around zu pass the time.

He’s one von the reisen guides who works under one of the museum’s anthropologists, und he picks hoch shifts as part of his shadowing program due to the fact that he needs the experience und enjoys educating world on die history ns exhibits oase to offer. Sie join one von his gruppe sessions that are open to walk-ins, und you find his excitement and motivation about ns artifacts und stories to be really adorable. He is good hinweisen explaining the significance and cultures behind all des the civilizations, und his expertise provides it noticeable how passionate he is towards his studies. You wind nach oben talking to ihm one top top one a bit after the tour ist finished, wanting to pick his brain weil das information provided how amazing he had made whatever sound, und you kommen sie to uncover that his specifications and preferences lie in ~ researching ancient intimacy rituals throughout all of humanity. In layman terms, he’s invested the last couple des years becoming in expert on sex. He’d ingrained his interest bei anthropology with his interest in intimacy (“I guess you could call me a historic sexologist, an a way.”), und wants his doctorate on the matter in order to teach it together a career.

It’s the zuerst time you’ve ever before heard who be so invested in sex native such bei unorthodox perspective, deswegen you ask ihm what had drawn ihm to that subject. Die way the constructs his price leaves freundin wonderstruck und itching kommen sie get zu know ihm more.

“Traditions the stem from vulnerability space some von the most basic behaviors observed across all von humanity, that much is known. I could sit right here all fucking day and talk around human sacrifices und Egyptian embalming techniques und journeys through the afterlife, but what ich find to be the most vulnerable and compelling phenomenon an humans zu sein something that originates from a location nobody kann truly understand: love. Death ist interesting, sure— the holds the awe aspect that comes from the fact that no one can evade it, und from fear von the unknown. Liebe lies on ns other end of die spectrum, yet it’s nur as vital. No one controls who they fall bei love with, or when, or how, or why, and no one to know what’s going zu happen together a result. If sie die, sie die; she gone, and that’s yes, really it. If freundin fall in love, it only opens a billion an ext possibilities zum the future. No one knows if their infatuation will stay, if it’ll fade, if it’ll kommen sie back, if they’ll ever find it. Every einzel human that has actually walked this planet has had love cross their mind punkt one allude or another; that inevitable, since even the cruelest of rulers have fallen victim kommen sie it. Fuck, greece went to war for it, didn’t it?”

“That’s really true.”

“Of kurse it is. Why would i lie to such bei outstanding pupil?”

“Oh, I’m bei outstanding pupil?”

“You stayed after klasse to questioning questions, deshalb that gets sie a gold star bei my book. Maybe even a higher reward, if I’m feeling generous.”

“And what exactly would this reward be?”

“If you keep stroking my ego by listening to me native vomit my thesis, probably you’ll uncover out.”