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Liebe ist zum alle dort (German: “Love ist There for Everyone”) ist the 6th studio album by German rock band Rammstein, which was released in the larger part des Europe ~ above 16 October, 2009, and in the UK ~ above 19 October, 2009. It was released in the united States top top 20 October, 2009.

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Pre-production weil das the neu album was done punkt Castle Beesenstedt in eastern Germany’s Halle/Saale while die bulk von the recording was done in late 2008 at Northern California’s Sonoma mountain Studio. As with ns band’s ahead releases, the neu album was mixed und mastered von Jacob Hellner in Stockholm.


1.“Rammlied” (Ramm-Song)5:20lyrics
2.“Ich tu dir weh” (I ache You)5:02lyrics
3.“Waidmanns Heil” (Hunter’s Hail/Greeting)3:33lyrics
4.“Haifisch” (Shark)3:45lyrics
5.“B********” (Bückstabü)4:15lyrics
6.“Frühling in Paris” (Springtime in Paris)4:45lyrics
7.“Wiener Blut” (Viennese Blood)3:53lyrics
9.“Liebe ist zum alle da” (Love ist There zum Everyone)3:26lyrics
10.“Mehr” (More)4:09lyrics
11.“Roter Sand” (Red Sand)3:59lyrics

Special Edition bonus tracks

1.“Führe mich” (Lead Me)4:34lyrics
2.“Donaukinder” (Children von the Danube)5:18lyrics
3.“Halt” (Stop)4:20lyrics

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“Roter Sand (Orchester version)” (Red Sand (Orchestra version))4:06lyrics
5.“Liese” (Elizabeth)3:56lyrics

Additional info

Recorded: 2008-2009Genre: Neue deutsche Härte, industrial metalLength: 46:07 (Standard Version), 68:23 (Special Edition)Label: Universal, VagrantProducer: jacob Hellner and Rammstein

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– $13.99

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– £13.98, liebe Ist Fur jedermann Da
– £8.98

DE: liebhaber Ist weil das Alle Da

– EUR 14,95, liebe Ist zum Alle dort (Special Edition)
– EUR 19,95



Universal Music zu sein planning to release a very special “Liebe ist zum Alle da” Deluxe-Edition, designed von Rammstein, that is set kommen sie appear as bei extremely limited ausführung worldwide during ns pre-Christmas period.

LIFAD-Deluxe-Cutlery bei all it’s splendour möchte be available: Handcuffs, lubricant, sechs dildos und the Special edition as die soundtrack to this. Everything zu sein neatly packed in in aluminium case.




The album was added to ns index of the Bundesprüfstelle zum jugendgefährdende medien (Federal Department zum Media Harmful kommen sie Young Persons) an Germany, early to die track “Ich tu für dich weh” und a gemälde inside ns album booklet anzeige Richard Kruspe spanking a nude woman. This way only adults kann sein purchase die album, additionally, it must not be displayed in stores whereby minors schutz access (see BPjM#Legal_consequences zum details). Together a consequence, ns album was re-released bei Germany on november 16 in in edited ausführung without ns censored track and picture. The eis would still play ns instrumental version das lied live in Germany until it was ultimately prohibition from direkt performances.

Despite the censorship, die video to “Ich tu mit dir weh” was released ~ above December 21, 2009, on ns adult website Visit-x, nur like ns video to “Pussy”, after advertising on die band’s main German website. Any type of references have since to be deleted, probably adhering to German law prohibiting advertisement zum media on die index. Bei Europe, a single was exit on February 5, 2010, and bei the U.K. ~ above February 15, 2010.

Pre-release history

Update (07.09.2009): on October 16th 2009, RAMMSTEIN will release their sixth studio named liebe isr zum alle da. This has actually been confirmed on die official page. The cover for the album has actually been exit today.

Update (04.09.2009): The zuerst single wollen be “Pussy” und will be released on 18SEP09. Ns album should be released bei middle October.

Update (22.7.2009): According zu wikipedia, the benennen of the neu album shall be Freud und Leid. Few days after the released name, wikipedia changed die listing zurück to “Untitled 6th studio album (2009)”

Update (14.7.2009): images from the new single appeared on internet. Ns lyric of the new single geliebt ist weil das alle dort is known since today.

Update (1.6.2009): Rammstein administration registered domains zum following das lied titles: “Seid Bereit” (English: it is in Ready) and “Liebe ist zum alle da” (English: There ist Love for Everyone) more…

Update (22.4.2009): We oase just obtained a an extremely fresh information about the neu single which need to appear in summer 2009. The name of the single is (in English “Monkey Slave”). More…

Update (16.4.2009): No words kann describe how happy we were zu receive an official invitation kommen sie a listening von the first three Rammstein-songs from the upcoming album. Ns tour will start at the ende of this year. More…

Update (19.2.2009): us are happy to introduce the hülle of “VERBOT” to you. The erste single from die upcoming Rammstein-Album, blieb to be named, möchte be released on 8. May 2009. Ns video zum “VERBOT” was partially shot an Sonoma, California. More….

Update (23.12.2008): First und most important chapter von the new Rammstein record is complete. Drums, guitars, bass, and the vocal monitor are now recorded. More….

Update (27.11.2008): According kommen sie the newsletter the album möchte be released an late 2009, the zuerst single must be available in summer 2009. Tourdates: late 2009 and 2010. More….

Update (4.11.2008): now that the band has finished pre-production an Berlin zum its neu album, operation “Album 6? ist going forward full vapor ahead. More…

Update Summer 2008 grundlegend Information about the album: die pre-production top top the neu album was done hinweisen the end of October 2008 bei Berlin.

Drummer christopov Schneider went soon thereafter to komm schon Angeles bei the Henson recording Studios, where together with jakob Hellner, ulf Kruckenberg und Florian Ammon started kommen sie record drum tracks.

Since 9 november 2008, die entire band is an a studio in San Francisco, wherein they are staying for several weeks kommen sie work ~ above the new album.

Sometime in November a photographer olaf Heine wollen go to San francisco to join the eis to make the documentation.

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Update april 2008 Already bei April 2008 expressed guitarist paulus Landers following about the neu album: “We wanted the album reasonably hard, yet then that sounded like any kind of other metal band. Dafür it does not sound bad, but we want to have a wenig “stand out.” videobilien available here.

Update (11.1.2007): Bushido report recording a das lied with Rammstein, called “Vergiss uns nicht” (“Don’t forget us”). In this interview, Bushido also mentioned that he was unsure even if it is it would be on their “Best of” album or not. More…