Floyd Mayweather and Logan paul met on the long-awaited exhibition match punkt Hard absent Stadium an Miami, florida on June 6, 2021.

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The long-awaited match betwee Paul and Mayweather is a new exhibition introducing previous champions. Nico Ekholm and a celebrity. Logan Paul’s younger brother jake Paul also appeared in the boxing fight, scoring a deadly knockout against former basketball player Nate Robinson.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, now 54, went back to ns ring bei November to face Roy jones Jr. An a charity exhibition contest.

Mayweather vs. Paul Preview

Floyd Mayweather möchte face Logan Paul bei a major exhibition match in February. After oral interaction on social media, a 50-0 superstar has signed a contract kommen sie compete v a 0: 1 YouTuber. The battle ist divided between boxing fans and professionals, und many believe it ist just a money-making practice.

Battle between Paul und Mayweather ns latest exhibition featuring old former champions und celebrities.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, now 54, went back to die ring bei November kommen sie play against Roy jones Jr. In a charity exhibition match, but was a draw.

Mayweather has actually appeared an one exhibition since TKO defeated Tenshin Nasukawa bei the first round in 2018. Two years later, the 43-year-old will fight Paul. Venue figured out by.


Logan seems really confident an breaking floyd Mayweather’s undefeated record, but deshalb far he has only words und hasn’t won in professional boxing yet.

Mayweather vs Paul direkt TV Channel

Pay-per-view battle between Mayweather vs paul Broadcast top top Fanimo, it starts weist $ 24.99 (£ 18.50).

If one million tickets were sold von December 29, 2020, the preis would be $ 39.99 and the cost would be $ 59.99. Starting February 11, 2021, the ticket wollen cost $ 69.99.

Floyd Mayweather zu sein familiar with

Floyd’Money’Mayweather zu sein one of America’s ideal Pound zum Pound boxers. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is an American skilled boxing promoter und former expert boxer.

Floyd, 44, has actually won all 50 professional games, from his zuerst match versus Roberto Apodaka bei October 1996 zu his current match versus Conor McGregor an August 2017.

He has actually won 15 major welt titles bei numerous ranks und defeated some of the biggest boxing stars such as Canelo, Manny Pacquiao, Ricky Hatton, Oscar de La Hoya and Jose louis Castillo.


He consistently returns kommen sie the ring after retiring from 3 boxing locations, one von the main reasons being ns size von his wallet.

Learn more about Logan Paul

Logan Alexander paul American YouTuber, internet personality, actor, podcaster, professional boxer. The 26-year-old has developed a very profitable boxing career, starting bei August 2018 with a white-collar amateur match versus fellow YouTuber KSI.

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Paul post a sketch to the video sharing applications Vine an 2013 and gained followers. He subscribed zu his youtube channel, TheOfficialLoganPaul, on October 18, 2013, and started posting routinely after ns Vine app was closed.

Mayweather vs. Paul’s exhibition boxing game möchte take ar on June 6th hinweisen Hard absent Stadium in Miami, Florida, USA. Are freundin ready for that …

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Watch Mayweather vs. Logan Paul live on Roku, iOS, apfel TV and Fox PPV

If you oase Roku, Fire TV, apfel TV, Chromecast, Mayweather mit Logan paul Fight bei pay-per-view on your TV or device. You can use any of these providers zu stream the Mayweather vs. Paulus battle live.

All des these options allow you to watch die game and stream that live. Castle provide ns highest top quality streams und you can play direkte sports through them. Some are much more expensive 보다 others, but an the lang run they will save freundin money.

You can deshalb use Roku, apfel TV, VPN, Fire TV, and even Chromecast. Everything you need to see this battle ist included here. Over there are various other ways to watch ns Mayweather vs. Paul direkte fight.


Logan paul vs Mayweather direkte stream top top YouTube and Reddit

Nowadays, there are countless ways kommen sie watch sporting events.Logan paul vs Mayweather direkt Streams, or social media, are jetzt another favourite way, favor Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and more. A popular und reliable streaming platform weil das many significant sporting events. We also expect the Logan paul vs. Floyd Mayweather battle zu be streamed direkte on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or YouTube.

If you are looking weil das a ticket for Logan paulus at ns Battle von Mayweather. Over there is deshalb a StubHub the sells tickets. You can get discount tickets here. There might be a ticket seller called Cheap Tickets and something within your budget.

Logan paul Mayweather fight Boxing direkte Coverage DAZN Face-to-face

DAZN zu sein a streaming service available an some countries such as Canada, Germany, Austria und Switzerland. Fortunately, we oase the right to stream Logan paul vs. Mayweather Boxing.

DAZN provides a 30-day cost-free trial, so you can also watch Mayweather mit Paul for free.

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The paul vs Mayweather fight match wollen be broadcast direkte on british terrestrial television. This way you tun können watch all the matches without paying a penny. Des course, it’s it s okay if you oase a TV license.