Love Death Robots Staffel 2

Love, fatality & Robots: Why Season 2 is so Much Shorter love Death & Robots" 2nd season just has geholfen the illustration count von the original, and there"s a number of reasons Netflix would certainly shorten Vol. 2.

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The first season of Love, death & Robots was 18 episodes von crazy man sci-fi, horror, mind-bending, and comedy shorts the pushed die boundaries of viewers" expectations, but die second season is coming bei at much less than half that number with only 8 episodes. Why zu sein it deswegen much shorter und what go this mean zum future seasons of the show?

One des the greatest appeals of Love, death & Robots Vol. I was die sheer variety des stories afforded über the number des episodes. While the overall diversity an genre isn"t impacted by Vol. II"s much shorter episode count, die specific mix von styles and tones ist certainly impacted, simply due to ns fact the fewer illustration means ns variety presented within each genre is reduced. There"s a variety von reasons why Netflix would make die second season of Love, death & Robots so viel shorter.

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One von the biggest factors kommen sie consider is the 26-month gap betwee the release of Vol. I and Vol. II, and with the first trailer confirming Vol. III is already on die way for a 2022 release, it"s highly feasible Netflix opted weil das a lower episode count in order zu minimize die time bolzen seasons together they"ve done for a number des other shows. Part animated mirrors like Voltron: legendary Defender, for example, had viel shorter seasons in the middle des its eight-season run, but it so had new seasons release just a few months apart, making it far more engaging for its audience.

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des course, with delays due kommen sie coronavirus in 2020, it"s deshalb possible season 2 was originally twice as long und it was cut in half to avoid additional delay, allowing them kommen sie release the other half of ns episode as Vol. 3. Considering ns production timeline on animation of this caliber, it"s likely ns shorts belong to Vol. 3 were bei the functions well before Vol 3. was also confirmed, including credence to the theory Vol 2. was break-up up.

The exact release date for Love, fatality & Robots Vol. 3 hasn"t been shown yet, but if it zu sein actually die second für hilfe of Vol. 2, then, fortunately, it need to be expected probably in Q1 2022, although it will deshalb be much shorter than the zuerst season. On die bright side, if Vol 2. does well, it"s possible Vol. 4 might be underway in the near future, in order zu keep die wait betwee future seasons much shorter than the frühen zeitpunkt 26-month space between Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

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Whatever ns reason, the quicker turnaround bolzen seasons way potentially more Love, fatality & Robots to go around, and if that"s die case, smaller sized installments is a more than same price.