Love Island 2020 Wer Ist Noch Zusammen

LOVE island 2018 had its same share des cracking on und breaking hoch - und despite some promising matches it just wasn't meant zu be zum ANY of the conwayhistory.orguples...

Du schaust: Love island 2020 wer ist noch zusammen

As us prepare weil das the neu hopefuls to enter die villa, here ist the lowdown on wie man each des the 2018 conwayhistory.orguples break-up after ns show...

Which Love island 2018 conwayhistory.orguples oase split?

The Love island final aired on Monday, July 30, 2018.

But who has remained together a conwayhistory.orguple since the nur left our screens?

Here's a rundown des the conwayhistory.orguples who schutz split...

Jack und Dani


Dani and Jack split an April 2019Credit: Rex Features

Despite to win the nur - too as the nation's heart - die conwayhistory.orguple called it quits on your relationship in April 2019.

Although an their defence they to be the belastung conwayhistory.orguple standing.

On april 3, 2019, Jack Fincham revealed he and Dani Dyer had actually split just months after ~ rekindling their conwayhistory.orgnnection - after a briefe split an December.

Jack made the announcement top top Instagram and asked zum fans' understanding.

He mutual on instagram stories: "There is no straightforward way kommen sie say this und it isn't going zu be in easy time but me und Dani space not in a relationship anymore.

"We möchte always care a lot zum each other und have love zum each other und I typical that from die bottom of my heart und I wish produziert nothing but happiness.

"We have some impressive memories together and have been with a last but sometimes jene aren't meant kommen sie be and we really did try to make it arbeit but it unfortunately didn't and that is life.

"That's all I oase to say, a rest up zu sein hard enough as the is zum both von us permit alone in public eye deswegen I hope everyone is conwayhistory.orgnsiderate and understands this. X."

The conwayhistory.orguple previously split an December, with Dani citing "lack von respect".

Dani go on instagram to speak that they had actually called die relationship quits.

However, just days after the split, she post another video on social media and conwayhistory.orgnfirmed that they had mended things.

Adam und Zara


Adam and Zara dated zum eight months before calling that quitsCredit: Instagram

Despite seeming to be the real deal ~ publicly proclaiming their love weil das each other und even moving bei together - the Sun revealed that Zara and Adam had called that quits after eight months together on ns February 11, 2019.

The Love island pair break-up following situation talks over Adam’s wild partying v Jack Fincham, sam Bird und Instagram model Brittany Archer.

A source close to die conwayhistory.orguple said: "Adam and Zara schutz spent the last week having furious arguments.

"There's still so viel love betwee them but they oase decided zum the augenblicke that it's best zu go their separate ways.

"They to be due to go ~ above a romantic holiday to the Maldives together this week but möchte no much longer be going.

"They did their best zu work with their worries but punkt this stage there's no walking back. They schutz since unfollowed each other on Instagram."

In an exclusive conwayhistory.orgnversation with the Sun online after die split, Zara revealed their relationship had been rocky zum months and that they also slept an separate beds.

Josh and Kaz


Kaz und Josh fell an love quickly during their time on the nur - but it wasn't meant to be.Credit: WENN

In january 2019 Kaz Crossley und Josh Denzel split sechs months ~ finding love und conwayhistory.orgming third on the show.

Make-up artist Kaz broke the news to fans, informing them: “Sometimes jene don’t go the way you planned, however you schutz to be grateful for the journey.

“Thank you weil das everything particularly showing me how to liebe myself again.”

Josh appeared zu conwayhistory.orgnfirm ns news von posting bei unhappy conwayhistory.orgnfront underneath her image.

Kaz was a so late arrival into the villa but had herstellung eyes on mockery from the beginning.

Their romance was the hot topic after mock famously ditched Georgia Steele for her.

By the end of die series they had claimed their love zum each other and looked set to be with each other forever.


Wes and Megan called it quits an 2019Credit: ITV

Also in January 2019, Josh's best pal Wes Nelson split from his girl friend Megan Barton Hanson.

On januar 26, 2019 Megan exit a statement top top Instagram, mimicking that des Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's infamous "conwayhistory.orgnscious unconwayhistory.orgupling".

She wrote: "It ist with hearts full des sadness that we oase decided zu separate.

"We haven't really conwayhistory.orgnducted our conwayhistory.orgnnection that privately und we hope that together we conwayhistory.orgnsciously unconwayhistory.orguple and, we will be able to conwayhistory.orgntinue in the exact same manner, liebe Megan and Wes."

Wes was one von the initial line hoch on Love island 2018 and chose zu conwayhistory.orguple trost with wait hostess Laura Anderson.

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Model Megan joined the zeigen as a so late arrival and she made herstellung move ~ above Wes, a manoeuvre the lead kommen sie many memes und her nickname "Muggy Megan".

Georgia and Sam


Georgia Steel and Sam Bird room no longer bei itemCredit: Instagram

Georgia Steel and sam Bird, were inseparable after ~ meeting bei the villa yet their relationship has kommen sie to in end.

In a statement post on twitter after they attended in ITV party together, brunnen said: “I’m devastated zu announce me und Georgia have split up zum reasons ich can't bring myself to conwayhistory.orgmment ~ above at ns moment."

Georgia danach conwayhistory.orgnfirmed die news und told produziert Instagram followers: “I'm an extremely sad to say me und Sam oase split.

“I möchte always care about him. But please reconwayhistory.orggnize this ist a hard time zum us both. Give thanks to you.”

When Sam and Georgia left the itv bash, it seemed over there conwayhistory.orguld schutz been tension bolzen the pair.

Georgia go out of the party an front des Sam and he looked miserable together he trailed behind her.

It was a marked difference to the pictures of them showing up where castle grinned and posed zum pictures on the hot pink carpet.

Charlie and Ellie oase split after a series of rowsCredit: Instagram

Ellie Brown had the nation behind produziert when she appeared zu be falling for Dr Alex, however, she made decision quickly that they had actually no sexual chemistry.

When Alex top off kommen sie Casa Amor, ellie enjoyed produziert freedom zu get zu know socialite charlie Brake and castle made their relationship main on July 2.

Although things seemed zu be going well enough zum the two to move an together after the villa, friends des the conwayhistory.orguple have been having actually trouble keeping trost with their rocky relationship.

On august 14, we report how charlie was seen "flirting with number of girls" top top a night the end clubbing there is no Ellie.

The conwayhistory.orguple also had another furious bust-up after he refused zu say he love her an front of their friends.

Then there was the fiery showdown after ~ the Love island reunion show where weiß got "too drunk" throughout the direkt broadcast i m sorry left ellie fuming.

Charlie retaliated von throwing Ellie's apparel out of the home window after a heat about er chatting up a mädchen on a plane.

On ehrenvoll 23, it arised he had chucked her out des his house during another large row and on september 25, ns pair shown they to be over.

Samira and Frankie

Samira Mighty und Frankie pflegen had a briefe romance after leaving the Love island villaCredit: Instagram

West end star Samira Mighty, 22, und business administration student frankie Foster, 22, were a late conwayhistory.orgupling.

For numerous weeks Samira had actually been in a platonic conwayhistory.orgupling v Dr Alex und then had actually a brief failed conwayhistory.orgupling through Sam.

When frankie entered the villa late Samira's luck ultimately turned - however then he was voted off the nur along through Grace Wardle.

Samira made die decision kommen sie leave the villa so she conwayhistory.orguld be reunited with Frankie.

But on ehrenvoll 13, after nur five weeks von dating, Samira dumped Frankie zum cheating on her with another girl bei a nightclub. 

Alexandra and Dr Alex

Dr Alex and Alexandra Cane split just before die Love island 2018 finalCredit: Rex Features

Alexandra Cane, 27, und Dr Alex George, 27, split hoch while still an the villa.

They reached ns final five but viewers poll them the end after Dr Alex dumped Alexandra at ns final hurdle.

Alex was die seconwayhistory.orgnd boy to enter ns villa but he had a difficult anfang to his time on Love island because nobody picked him.

He had actually unsuccessful conwayhistory.orguplings through Samira, ellie Brown, und eventually elegant Wardle. 

When Alexandra entered ns villa the looked like his luck had actually turned - but his heart was never fully in the relationship.

Paul and Laura

Laura and Paul to be pictured having a furious row prior to their split

Laura Anderson und Paul Knops didn't tonnage long punkt all und split in ~ a month von the zeigen ending.

On september 11, just two month after leaving ns villa, the sunlight reported that ns finalists had actually decided kommen sie split up.

A source close to ns conwayhistory.orguple said: “Laura and Paul schutz been deshalb busy because the nur finished and both had actually holidays planned there is no each various other – deswegen they have ended trost spending a lot of time apart.

“Paul went to Los angeles for modelling work and on kommen sie Burning man while Laura enjoyed some time back bei Dubai where she lived prior to signing nach oben to liebe Island.

“They observed each various other on Saturday night yet only weil das a angestellter appearance and things weren’t die same betwee them so they schutz decided to kühl off your romance.”

When was Love island 2018 on ITV2?

Love Island series 4 kicked turn off on Monday, June 4, 2018 ~ above ITV2.

The nur aired weist 9.00pm sechs nights a hauptsächlich – just taking a break on Saturdays – over eight weeks.

Caroline Flack presented Love island since it returned zu TV an 2015 und was joined once again von voice-over artist Iain Stirling.

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The Love island final aired on Monday, July 30, 2018.

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