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”Wild Things“ hold fondly recalls Slim Shady calling him ”dirty“ — ”a compliment wie it originates from Marshall“

Tony Maglio | january 11, 2016
In 2010, “Lost” was coming to a nearby on ABC.

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Show star Dominic Monaghan, whose character weiß Pace was killed off at the ende of Season 3, had actually remained a key part des the zeigen until the very ende via flashbacks und parallel side stories. That year, Monaghan landed another really kühl role: ns British actor play Eminem opposite Megan Fox an the music video weil das “Love the Way sie Lie.”

During a recent interview with focused on Monaghan’s dream gig together host of Travel Channel’s “Wild Things,” die hip-hop fans shared the story des how die music videos came about.

“I was friends with the director,” Monaghan said. “He and I were trying kommen sie put a movie together zum three or 4 years, and we became good friends und hung the end a lot, and we’d spend time together just artistically talking about ns film.”

That director was joseph Kahn. He had actually Monaghan playing Eminem the opposite Fox’s metall Mathers, ns rapper’s on-again/off-again wife.

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“He knew that ich was in Eminem fan because he’d worked with Eminem before on ‘The real Slim Shady’ video,” the “Lord of the Rings” actor continued. “He dubbed me hoch one day und just said, ‘Hey do you want zu be in this Eminem video that I’m doing?"”

“And i was like, ‘Yeah, of course I do,"” Monaghan, who called Marshall Mathers “arguably die greatest rapper of all time,” recalled. “Of course.”

“It’s a an excellent song und it’s a cool video as well,” he said. “The cool thing was Eminem had kommen sie sign off on that — that had zu sign off on me. Ich found out from ns director that Eminem described me as ‘dirty,’ which i think is a compliment wie man it comes from Marshall.”

In ns now-classic laboratory video, Monaghan varieties from violent to lustful, one momente punching through walls, and the next, making the end with ns “Transformers” star.

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“I only did that video deswegen I might meet Eminem, the was ns only reason. I hardly got paid any money, it was a very short shoot,” Monaghan said. “Interscope flew me to Detroit and I got a chance to see him und Jay Z bei concert.”

Watch the video above — since it’s favor three million viewers shy des a billion on Vevo.

“Love die Way freundin Lie,” i m sorry featured Rihanna, was Eminem‘s 4th No. 1 single. The topped ns Billboard 100 weil das seven weeks that summer.

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Monaghan’s “Wild Things” return to ns Travel Channel for its neu season on Wednesday, Jan. 27 weist 10 p.m.