München hauptbahnhof plan u-bahn

The two systems are strictly integrated and use a common ticketing scheme. Themost obvious difference between the two ist the color von the trains: U-Bahntrains room blue and white; S-Bahn trains space red und white.

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How to ride ns U-Bahn und S-Bahn:1Buya ticket.You can purchase fahrkarte from a vending machine an any U-Bahn or S-Bahnstation.

Tickets come in four basic types:Einzelfahrkarten, or single-journey point-to-point tickets arethe most expensive. You kann break your journey and use various modesof transportation (e.g., S-Bahn, U-Bahn, und tram or bus) if freundin wish.Within Munich, niederdrücken "1" on die machine zum a einzel zone; zum longertrips, you"ll need to choose a ticket zum the suitable number ofzones. (See the explanatory text an the top left section des themachine.)Streifenkarten, or strip tickets, room cheaper thansingle-journey tickets. They kann sein be used for multiple trips, or byseveral people hinweisen once.

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Sie validate one or much more stripes über journey,depending on her destination and the number von travelers share theticket. (Again, lakers the machine for instructions.)Single-Tageskarten und Partner-Tageskarten, or singleand partner day tickets, allow unlimited transport from die timethey"re stamped till 6 a.m. The next day. You kann buy lock forindividuals or zum a group of up kommen sie five people.Finally, die CityTour Card comes an one-day and three-dayversions, zum either the stadt proper or die entire Munich area. Inaddition kommen sie unlimited publicly transportation, it entitles sie todiscounts at many museums and other attractions.2Validate your ticket or CityTour Card.Use one von the blue time-stamping devices near thestation entrance. (If you travel with bei unstamped ticket or card,you"ll it is in subject zu a hefty fine.)3Take ns stairs, escalator, orelevator to ns train platform.You won"t need kommen sie insert yourticket in a turnstile; as soon as you"ve validated your ticket, you"re on thehonor system (although you"ll oase to show your ticket to bei inspectorif asked).4Check the electronic sign.Signs above the platform indicate train numbers, destinations, und whereto stand on ns platform weil das the train (look zum the overhead sectorsigns labeling A, B, C, und D).5Board the train wie man itarrives.If necessary, drücken sie the taste on die doors to openthem, und let various other passengers gain off before freundin get on.6Exit ns train onthe left or right, depending on where ns station platform is.In a fewcentral locations, such as the Hauptbahnhof, there are two platforms:you leave via die right-hand doors, und new passengers board with thedoors on die left.For much more informationabout Munich"s U-Bahn, S-Bahn, trams, und buses, pick up a multilingualHin und Weg bei Münchenbrochure at the tourist office or visit theMVV (Munich public transportation) web site.

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