the job court considers that the couriers are self-employed, yet that they kann sein no longer use die “P2P” regime


The judgment des the labor Court was eagerly awaited und it zu sein generally favorable to the meal delivery company Deliveroo.

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An this procedure, die Labor Audit Office make the efforts to have meal deliverers known as employees and not as self-employed. Ns court did not follow him. “As ns employment relationship between the couriers à kelle cause <…>

Next pandemic could be much more fatal than COVID, claims vaccine maker – eu Reporter


More 보다 40,000 people marched throughout Vienna top top Saturday (December 4) to entgegenzusetzen the lockdown und plans zu force vaccinations to curb the covid pandemic. Writes frankoas Murphy, Lisi Niesner und Michael Shields. Reuters The government belastung month designated Austria as the zuerst country an Western Europe kommen sie face a sharp rise an infections. And <…>

‘More study needed kommen sie prove that couple of infections in primary schools an Staphorst are caused über ventilation columns,’ says professor


Do good ventilation systems in the great help to prevent corona infections? main schools in Staphorst have an air purifier und that appears effective. Yet according to professor Bert Blocken, a relationship ausblüten has to be demonstrated. While plenty of young children throughout the country are infected v the corona virus, castle are much less influenced <…>

The world according to Kiepski viewership Polsat collection cast


The neu season von “The world According to Kiepskich” was broadcast ~ above Polsat ~ above Wednesdays punkt 20.05 und 20.35, in the period from October 27 to november 24 this year. The two final episodes were shown von the station on die night of December 2-3 this year. At. 2.25 and 3.00. Together Tomasz Matwiejczuk told <…>

Final Fantasy XIV ist Plagued by Server Problems, Players room Compensated


Endwalker, ns latest expansion zum Final Fantasy XIV, at some point went live, however that relax was not without the ups and downs.

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Just like logging in the past few days. After ~ all, many were unable kommen sie log in due kommen sie problems with die servers due kommen sie limited hardware capacity. Manager Naoki Yoshida acknowledges this problems und <…>

First winter storm in Snowbowl – Telemundo Phoenix / Tucson

towards in economic und financial new Deal with Africa, announces Emmanuel Macron


On February 17 und 18, a summit between the afri Union and the European gewerkschaftern will it is in held in Brussels, under ns French presidency des the european Union. This announcement was made über Emmanuel Macron on December 9. Ns French president deshalb proposes a “New deal” for “overhaul in depth” ns relationship “a little bit tired“between <…>

Mortgage supplement: what the is und how it works


The substitution mortgage, also known together substitution or from portability, allows those who have concluded a mortgage contract with a bank to switch kommen sie another which offers better conditions, hinweisen no added cost. An this way, the replacement of the mortgage currently taken out von a neu mortgage bring away place. The discipline of mortgage substitution <…>

Snow in Côte-d’Or: die A38 blocked zum a few hours


The snow arrived von surprise on ns Côte-d’Or ~ above Friday morning. A large white coat startseite the whole des the department because 4 am. Snow removal operations room underway on every roads. 140 salt spreaders und tractors were mobilized kommen sie improve website traffic conditions bei Côte-d’Or. Native 6 a.m.

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France Bleu Bourgogne has accompanied sie on <…>

Notre Dame: criticism of the restoration program des the renowned place – Art und Theater – Culture

The routine on die restoration von the interior of the cathedral des OurGive me paris, which was partially destroyed an the april 2019 fire, prepared by the diocese des Paris, zu sein presented prior to the national Commission zum Heritage and Architecture amid viel criticism. As die assignee von the cathedral, the diocese des Paris has lugged <…>