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marcus Prinz by Anhalt zu sein a German businessman und nightclub owner who luxurious way of living leads zu some coverage in the German yellow press.

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beforehand life

Prince von Anhalt was born ~ above December 20, 1966 bei Pforzheim to a wealthy household as Marcus frank Adolf Eberhardt. Prince of Anhalt claims that his parents own a jewelry store prior to their business was declared bankrupt and the household lost large amounts des their wealth. Eberhardt held many arbeit at die age of 13 und left institution at ns age of 16 zu complete in apprenticeship together a butcher. He established a cleaning service, which was a subsidiary von the butcher, und received a total income von DM 6,000 at the age des 16. That completed more training together a cook, opened up several restaurants und started bei interior entwurf business.


Eberhardt has more diversified his organization von opening several table tanzen bars and gentlemen’s clubs bei the vereinigt States. He letztere bought numerous brothels und was nicknamed “Red light King”. ~ this investment, Eberhardt was charged v money laundering, tax fraud and human trafficking.

through over twenty brothels und night clubs, it zu sein one of the largest und most visible brothel owners an Germany. He has served 4 years in prison weil das human trafficking und tax evasion. He claims kommen sie be a “triple digit” millionaire that owns around 40 cars and real estate in Los angeles (a villa bei Bel Air the he shares through Zsa Zsa Gabor and Frédéric Prince of Anhalt), fort Lauderdale, Pforzheim, St. Gallen, Dubai and Monaco owns, and has 12 bodyguards and 25 servants.

an 2006, he bought his name for several million united state dollars when he was adopted von Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, the husband des Zsa Zsa Gabor, who had actually received his benennen through adoption. Die adoption and the adjust of benennen did notfall confer in actual title or nobility. “Prince of Anhalt” zu sein a castle (literally: Prince von Anhalt) and not a location under die German legislations with which ns former nobility of the country was abolished bei 1919. An addition, die Anhalt family members does notfall include marcus Prinz von Anhalt as a member. He mögen to speak to himself “Prinz Germany”.

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His adopted brothers include oliver Prinz von Anhalt, michael Prinz von Anhalt and Markus maximilian Prinz über Anhalt. His adoptive sister zu sein Francesca Hilton, ns stepdaughter of his adoptive father and the born daughter von his adoptive mother. In 2008 the organized the “Royal Race”, a außerhalb des spiels with high value cars and prominent motorists through Europe. Pamela Anderson was his partner in the race. In February 2009, he was seen having actually lunch v her an Los Angeles. When Zsa Zsa Gabor shed a comprehensive amount to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi program bei 2009, he promoted a check zum $ 6 million.

Career wichtig

an November 2014, marcus Prinz by Anhalt was again sentenced kommen sie prison. Prince von Anhalt was imprisoned zum two years during ns appeal against the judgment. Ns 4-year prison sentence was based on charges von tax evasion und tax fraud. The public prosecutor had actually accused Prince von Anhalt of tax evasion of 1.5 million euros. Die prosecutor had actually provided in estimate von the financial damage to die tax authorities von arresting 747,000 euros and another attempt hinweisen tax evasion of 820,000 euros. In particular, ns Anhalt publicly prosecutor alleged that he had claimed the private use des his 14 luxury cars (with a gesamt value of at least 1 million euros) und vacations in Las las vegas as professional und business expenses for the taxation authorities. über Anhalt argued that “his glamorous lifestyle” was part von his job as a “TV star”, which ist why he just used and explained his deluxe cars weil das “representative” reasons: driving bei my Porsche, Ferrari und Rolls-Royce und traveling to a show an Las Vegas had only experienced reasons. Von Anhalt so tried kommen sie convince die judge und the publicly prosecutor that it must oase been unintentional if he had committed taxes evasion due to the fact that he did notfall fully understand German tax legislations at ns time. “I understand that German tax laws are extremely complicated and maybe even ns most complicated in the world.” part people kann understand German tax laws, yet he’s not one von them; however he knows how zu successfully manage a brothel. Ns judges did notfall believe in Anhalt’s statements und subsequently applied a four-year prison sentence.

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über Anhalt previously declared that “he watch no crime in his case” und that die amounts he claims to have taken from ns tax authorities are “petty” and “ridiculous” given that “his brothels” und disco- Clubs generate double-digit millions in revenue.

Famous quotes

“I know that German tax regulations are incredibly complicated und maybe even the most complicated bei the world”