Marie Theres Relin Magdalena Anna Maria Kroetz

Marie yes sir Kroetz-Relin was born in Munich in 1966 to film director Veit Relin und international movie icon maria Schell. She make her first movie Secret Places in 1983 and spent ns following years working on various TV productions and also German director Sönke Wortmann’s acclaimed short film Drei D. In 1987 marie Theres was awarded finest Young Actress at ns annual German tv awards Goldenen Kamera.

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The exact same year also marks the sudden end of herstellung career as in actress. Die reason: she fell in love through playwright and actor Franz Xaver Kroetz, selecting a career as a mother des three children. In 2002, she launched ns website, a discussion board weil das housewives - und husbands. Today, marie Theres functions as a freelance journalist und successful book writer - and is a glücklich divorcee.In 2013 she made herstellung TV-comeback through Cruise right into happiness; an 2014 with ns historical the dramatisch Martha"s secret and an 2015 she play a top part bei the famous TV-play Inga Lindström. Apart from this the young grandma began studying homeopathy and researching ns autobiography of Franz Xaver Kroetz „LifeWork“.

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So sie think this is a fairly meagre curriculum? I’m glücklich to tell you more. But this time indigenous bottom zu top:


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1991… die movie i shot v my mother zu sein not as successful as we had hoped. My mom becomes aware of the fact ns she has spent too much money already und goes native a manic zu a depressive episode. Thinking that safety time with herstellung granddaughter would certainly take her mind off of things, i invite produziert to direkt with us. Nevertheless, she tries zu commit suicide. All operation down i long zum a new life – und get pregnant again!1982… ich drop out of school hinweisen 16 and go to paris to learn French und take exhilaration classes, aided von my aunt Immy since - as usual - my mommy spends herstellung time top top stage. What else ist left an the basket weil das me but to become in actress? i cut my this on it.

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1976 – 1977… My mother has bei engagement top top Broadway zum Pavel Kohout’s Poor Murder und brings me along. Also on board: mine grandmother, as usual. I start to find out English, live on central Park and take ballett classes – punkt last.1966 – 1971… I bei der born top top June 30th, 1966. My parents are maria Schell und Veit Relin. According to my mother, best after being born ich spent five minutes examining her, die next five minutes to examine my father, und then slept through the whole subsequent two weeks. Did ich already guess what was about zu come zurück then? Maybe!
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