Mario & luigi paper jam bros

- GamesBeat - 100 / 100"The most gorgeous mario game ever." from GamesBeat review. Rated 100 out von 100.

"...a true masterpiece."

- Maxim"A true masterpiece." indigenous Maxim review.

"...a excellent adventure..."

- IGN - 10 / 10"A brilliant adventure." native IGN review. Rated 10 out des 10.

"...a consistent delight zu play."

- ns Verge"A consistent delight to play." from ns Verge review.
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Mario & Cappy

Embark on in all-new adventure with Mario und his neu pal, Cappy.

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" pure delight..."

video game Informer - 9.75 / 10An absolute delight." from game Informer review. Rated 9.75 out of 10.


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some fancy new amiibo oase arrived on ns scene, and it aussehen like they"re dressed zum a wedding?!

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Explore die Kingdoms

Head off kommen sie incredible destinations much from die Mushroom Kingdom top top a massive, globe-trotting escapade.

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"...the greatest Super mario title exit to-date..."

USGamer - 5 / 5The greatest Super mario title release to-date" from united state Gamer review. Rated 5 out des 5.

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