Masken Pflicht In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Dear guests, below you möchte find the most important information about die current situation an Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, an important questions und answers, and contact addresses.

The state government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has made decision on comprehensive protective measures kommen sie contain the corona pandemic.You kann sein find ns current regulation below (German only).

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The complying with safety procedures apply:

Contact restrictions: private gatherings of up kommen sie 30 civilization are possible. Bei public, die contact restrictions will no longer apply; this does not apply to group events. Youngsters aged 14 or younger too as completely vaccinated und recovered persons are not included. Spouses, registered partners und life partners who execute not live together an the same household are thought about as one household.Mask requirement will be suspended in outdoor areas from 25 June 2021. An case des close und long contact with various other people, especially an closed rooms, wie man shopping also as in defined publicly places, it zu sein obligatory zu wear surgical masks or FFP2 masks. Wie man using public transport, passengers room required kommen sie wear a operation mask. Children hoch to ns age von 7 und people v a medical or mental impairment or handicap are exempt.Day trips: There space no restrictions to enter Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A test obligation ist no much longer required.Visiting clubs, discotheques und similar establishments ist only permitted after front reservation und only for those guest who schutz a negativ daily corona test result. Wearing a medical mask zu sein strongly recommended.Private neben with up zu 100 people kann be held bei separate rooms in restaurants. Ns current hygiene requirements apply.Events: Up to 600 people may gather outdoors and 200 indoors for events (e.g. Fairs, concerts, readings, theatre, etc.). Seating zu sein compulsory an indoor areas. Visitors must deshalb wear a mask and carry a daily corona test result. Fast or attach self-tests conducted über trained staff room accepted.Retail: all retail zu sein open und can be checked out without in appointment or test. There ist the obligation to wear surgical masks or FFP2 masks.

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Body-related services: service close to ns body, e.g. In cosmetic studios, massage practices, nail studios, hairdressing salons, tanning salons, tattoo studios room open. Indigenous a risk-weighted rating where level 2 or higher ist reached on three consecutive days, testing zu sein compulsory zum unvaccinated persons age 7 and over. This regulation möchte apply native 23 august 2021, with die exception des fully vaccinated und recovered persons und children nach oben to ns age of 7. Pupils who are subject to compulsory testing an general and vocational schools bei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are so exempt indigenous compulsory trial and error outside die holidays.

Hygiene und safety rules need to be observed throughout all visits. Please notify yourself in advance during your unternehmen visit.

Questions & Answers around traveling kommen sie Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

1. Exactly how do i know if i arrive from a danger area?The group as a danger area zu sein made von the federal Ministry of Health, the Federal international Office and the commonwealth Ministry von the Interior, zum Construction und Home Affairs and is published von the Robert kochen Institute. International risk areas kann sein be found here.

2. What carry out I oase to consider if i want kommen sie enter MV indigenous a risk area abroad? (professional und private)When start MV indigenous abroad for professional or also private purposes, please take right into account the corona Entry Ordinance of the commonwealth Ministry of Health.

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3. Wherein do ich find main information?

The recent information by the zustand government des Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (German only):

Information weist district level:

Thank you zum protecting yourself und others.We appreciate your participation!

*This website ist constantly being updated to die best von the tourist Board’s knowledge. We would certainly recommend kommen sie check it regularly. Please note that us do notfall take legitimate responsibility weil das the correctness / comprehensiveness of this information.

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