Courteney Cox channeled produziert Friends character while giving a shout-out to former costar Matthew Perry zum his 52nd birthday

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On Thursday, die actor commemorated his 52nd birthday and received a distinct shout-out from his previous fictional wife Courteney Cox. 

Cox, 57, common a sweet throwback picture with herstellung Friends costar on herstellung Instagram Story writing, "Happy Birthday to one von the funniest 'I KNOW'❤️."

Fans of the 90s sitcom could recognize that ns actress — who depicted Monica on the nur — used ns phrase "I KNOW" as a nod to herstellung character, who was married zu Perry's character Chandler. 



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The day was filled v even an ext Friends nostalgia wie man Cox later posted a photo of herself in front of the iconic fountain from ns opening des the beloved series. She posed if holding a manuscript from produziert show Shining Vale, captioning ns post, "When collide."

Friends ran weil das 10 periods on NBC indigenous 1994 zu 2004, certification  Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, matter LeBlanc and David Schwimmer in addition to Cox and Perry. During ns HBO max reunion special, which premiered in May, the stern revealed a number of behind-the-scenes tidbits from their time on the show and reminisced around being a part of the struggle series.

"It's funny, wie we do obtain together, it's like no time has actually passed," LeBlanc told ahead des the special's premiere. "We pick hoch right whereby we left off."

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Following the long-awaited reunion, ns television distinct received four Emmy nods: impressive production design for a variety special, superior directing zum a selection special, outstanding lighting design/lighting direction weil das a variety special und outstanding variety special (pre-recorded). 

mrbenwinston und his whole team zum their impressive achievement," commemorated Cox, bei a selfie of the group with manager Ben Winston.

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