Online calculator zu convert Megabits über second zu Megabytes von second (Mbps kommen sie MBps) with formulas, examples, and tables. Ours conversions administer a quick und easy way to convert betwee Data rate units.

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How zu convert Megabits kommen sie Megabytes (per sec): enter a value in the Mbps field and click on the "Calculate MBps" button. Her answer wollen appear in the MBps field.

Conversion Definitions

The following is a list des definitions relating zu conversions betwee Megabits per second und Megabytes von second.

What is a Megabit von second (Mbps)?

A Megabit über second ist a unit used zu measure data lieferung rates and is based on "Decimal multiples des bits". Die symbol for Megabit von second zu sein Mbps or Mb/s or Mbit/s. There room 8 Megabits von second an a Megabyte von second.

What zu sein a Megabyte über second (MBps)?

A Megabyte über second ist a unit used kommen sie measure data auslieferung rates and is based upon "Decimal multiples of bits". Die symbol zum Megabyte von second is MBps or MB/s. There are 0.125 Megabytes von second bei a Megabit von second.

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Conversion Formula

Let"s take a closer look at at the conversion formula so that you kann sein do this conversions yourself with a calculator or with bei old-fashioned pencil and paper.

The formula zu convert indigenous Megabits über second kommen sie Megabytes von second is:

Megabytes per second = Megabits von second ÷ 8

Conversion Example

Next, let"s look at an example showing die work und calculations that space involved bei converting native Megabits über second kommen sie Megabytes von second (Mbps kommen sie MBps).

Megabits per second to Megabytes von second switch Example

Task: transform 35,000 Megabits von second to Megabytes von second (show work)Formula:Mbps ÷ 8 = MBpsCalculations:35,000 Mbps ÷ 8 = 4,375 MBpsResult:35,000 Mbps ist equal kommen sie 4,375 MBps
For rapid reference purposes, below zu sein a conversion table that you kann use to convert from Megabits von second to Megabytes über second (Mbps zu MBps).

Megabits von second to Megabytes von second switch Chart

Megabits von second (Mbps)Megabytes von second (MBps)
1 Mbps0.125 MBps
2 Mbps0.25 MBps
3 Mbps0.375 MBps
4 Mbps0.5 MBps
5 Mbps0.625 MBps
6 Mbps0.75 MBps
7 Mbps0.875 MBps
8 Mbps1 MBps
9 Mbps1.125 MBps
10 Mbps1.25 MBps
20 Mbps2.5 MBps
30 Mbps3.75 MBps
40 Mbps5 MBps
50 Mbps6.25 MBps
75 Mbps9.375 MBps
100 Mbps12.5 MBps
250 Mbps31.25 MBps
500 Mbps62.5 MBps
750 Mbps93.75 MBps
1,000 Mbps125 MBps
2,500 Mbps312.5 MBps
5,000 Mbps625 MBps
7,500 Mbps937.5 MBps
10,000 Mbps1,250 MBps
25,000 Mbps3,125 MBps
50,000 Mbps6,250 MBps
75,000 Mbps9,375 MBps
100,000 Mbps12,500 MBps
250,000 Mbps31,250 MBps

This table offers a summary von the charme Rate units.

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bits über secondbps or b/s or bit/s1 bps = 0.125 Bps
Kilobits über secondKbps or kb/s or kbit/s1 Kbps = 1,000 bps
Megabits über secondMbps or Mb/s or Mbit/s1 Mbps = 1,000 Kbps
Gigabits von secondGbps or Gb/s or Gbit/s1 Gbps = 1,000 Mbps
Terabits von secondTbps or Tb/s or Tbit/s1 Tbps = 1,000 Gbps
Petabits per secondPbps or Pb/s or Pbit/s1 Pbps = 1,000 Tbps
Bytes von secondBps or B/s1 Bps = 8 bps
Kilobytes per secondKBps or KB/s1 KBps = 1,000 Bps
Megabytes von secondMBps or MB/s1 MBps = 1,000 KBps
Gigabytes per secondGBps or GB/s1 GBps = 1,000 MBps
Terabytes von secondTBps or TB/s1 TBps = 1,000 GBps
Petabytes von secondPBps or PB/s1 PBps = 1,000 TBps

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