Media Feature Pack For Windows 10

How zu Install Media Feature verpacktem for fenster 10 version 20H2 October 2009 Update

Microsoft has made accessible Media function Pack weil das N editions of fenstern 10 ausführung 20H2. Ns "N" auflage is targeted for Europe, and "KN" zum Korea. Both editions incorporate all the essential features of the OS except fenstern Media Player, Groove Music, Video, Voice Recorder, movie & TV, and Skype. If freundin need zu add these functions to die OS, freundin need to install Media function Pack.

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You oase probably heard about special N und KN editions of windows 10. These space editions the don"t include fenster Media Player and its connected features, including Store apps like Music, Video, Voice Recorder. Users who need kommen sie get this apps und features set up should do this manually.


Due to anti-competitive practices by Microsoft, ns European Commission an 2004 forced the Redmond software application giant kommen sie maintain special editions des its fenster operating systems. Ns "N" ausführung is targeted weil das Europe, and "KN" zum Korea. Both editions incorporate all die essential features des the OS except fenstern Media Player, Music, video apps, Voice Recorder, und Skype.

Some recent functions that count on fenstern Media components are not included an Windows 10 N. This includes fenster Mixed Reality, Cortana, windows Hello, game DVR, und PDF viewing in the Microsoft sheet browser. Also, ns Media function Pack for N versions of fenstern 10 ist incompatible with windows Mixed Reality. Users who want kommen sie use fenster Mixed Reality should install a non-N version of windows 10.

You could want to get them mounted if you are running bei "N" planke of windows 10.

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To install Media Feature verpackt for fenster 10 ausführung 20H2,

Navigate to Apps > Apps und Features.Click on die Optional features verknüpfung on ns right.
Find und install the package Media feature Pack an the list von available Optional Features.

You space done!

Once you schutz installed die Media function Pack, over there are additional apps that can be set up from ns Store kommen sie regain fuller fenster 10 functionality. Together apps include (but are not limited to):

Media codecs zum playback von media an apps and in the browser:

Older fenstern 10 Releases

You kann sein find Media Feature pack official download links for older releases of fenstern 10 HERE.

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That"s it.

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