Medion Lifetab Fährt Nicht Mehr Hoch

Since us do notfall only work with PCs, but also with assorted mobile devices, we use including Medion Lifetabs (P9514), to test android on tablet level functionality kommen sie Magento.

Du schaust: Medion lifetab fährt nicht mehr hoch

In this type of device was now within a few days, with two units the same error:

Nothing happens. Switch kann sein be pressed any kind of but the device walk nothing an ext GAR. No hum, Flicker,… prozess was so the charger plugged in and do sure, the there zu sein enough battery charge. However, NOTHING.

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The device, 1 back we had actually made through high dependability even weist very near inspection, however, dropped on, that ns reset button in the hole ist not totally filling, but only partially. The must therefore be closely watched und pressed.

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The hole zum the soft reset (no dünn will it is in deleted. Just a reboot des the device) zu sein on ns bottom left von the taste interface des the device (s. Picture) and looks much more like a microphone. Here exactly, daily, possibly because des the really button in the hole zu sein not very large or. Sits in the right place. Press this button und then the machine rebooted und ran perfect again.
Unfortunately, this is a device now but already on ns way kommen sie MEDION and the equipment came auch late