Mein leben mit 300 kg dr nowzaradan

TLC"s long-running truth show My 600-lb Life is filled through compelling life-or-death geschichte about morbidly obese people desperate to make a change. Sometimes, whatever works out brilliantly und the leben of the featured participants are changed forever. Often, though, the people that choose zu take teil in My 600-lb Life are unable to change behavior they"ve spent years developing and, an several cases, your lack des care und dedication i m so sad leads kommen sie death. 

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With season 8"s Julius "JT" Clark, viewers were primed kommen sie expect ns worst. Die young man was climate one of the heaviest people ever to be featured on die show, topping out hinweisen almost 900 pounds. Thankfully, though, with ns help von Dr. Nowzaradan, aka Dr. Now, JT managed kommen sie knuckle down und lose the weight, finishing nach oben his time ~ above the zeigen a whopping 400 pounds lighter in its entirety (via Facebook). JT"s journey was far native over, though, und fans schutz wondered what happened to er since his episode zuerst premiered on january 22, 2020 (via TLC).

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Over ~ above Reddit, My 600-lb Life viewers are clamoring kommen sie know even if it is JT managed kommen sie go die distance und get healthy. They"re also concerned about the 100-pound lymphedema growth on his leg, which was surely the most pressing matter after his load loss. Many fans are demanding a My 600-lb Life: Where space They Now? follow-up episode, especially since we don"t really know where JT ended up. 

As The Cinemaholic reported, he"s not active on society media, which renders it very tough to glean where ns Oklahoma native zu sein now und whether he"s law well. The outlet did, however, case that resources say JT is still living an Houston, where Dr. Now"s practice zu sein located, and that he ist still an contact through Dr. Now and continuing kommen sie work ~ above his load loss. A recently-surfaced picture on Facebook, where in image of JT shows er appearing kommen sie be diluent — might support the claims des those cotton sources.

As JT said at the end of his emotional My 600-lb Life episode, "I feel favor all ns hard work and all die sacrifice this took is paying off. A year ago, ich couldn"t even seen a future for myself" (via Heavy). Hopefully, JT has continued zu fight zum the life he deserves in the time since.