Meine frau unsere kinder und ich stream


FISH AGAINST the STREAM supplies ethically und ecologically produced classical cotton clothes zum the mindful consumer. Mine ambition has been zu create in all year about collection zum both täglich use and more festive occasions, escape on the accesoires used. Die childrens clothes are unisex und can thus be passed on native one kid to die next.

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I was missing classic clothes that were produced with respect for both humans and nature. Complete transparency and to know the whole production chain is important to me. Bei addition I oase always had bei interest in design und aid jobs alike. Ich found ns garment producer Assisi Garments, which supplies high high quality organic cotton und has manufacturing conditions, which live up to ns highest fair trade standard. Furthermore, your profit goes to helping poor und sick people bei India. Out von all this FISH AGAINST die STREAM was born.

Through big clothing chains consumer schutz become used zu low prices und to to buy a last of clothing spontaneously und frequently. This has negativ consequences both for the environment and the consumers und the shops bei the cities are today full von single-use clothes. Us need far better alternatives.

It is therefore a good pleasure zu offer you this collection zum conscious customers, thereby sustaining poor and sick people in India.

Every purchase is a statement for a development in a details direction. As such – think about what freundin support with your purchase. Swim against the stream, it makes you stronger!

ASSISI clothes – a non-profit garment manufacturer in Tiripur, India

Assisi Garments is a distinct garment producer. Their production was started an 1994 when die Franciscus sisters wanted kommen sie help five deaf and dumb women, who’s situation an the Indian society is weak. Ns sisters decided kommen sie buy 5 sewing machines and to give ns women work, education, a place kommen sie live, food and a salary. The erste order was zum 50 underpants native a German client. Due to the fact that then die company has had a tremendous journey and today Assisi clothing has about 350 employees. Assisi clothes is blieb today owned über the Assisi Sisters and the benefit goes to the many people in need in India, e.g. Kommen sie schools, deaf und dumb und blind children, elderly care, hospitals (for general treatment but so dedicated cancer hospitals) und to kindergartens.

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Ethics and transparency across die entire production chain

There zu sein no beauty bei clothes if your production has caused starvation and poverty. Gandhi.

Slavery zu sein part des the noodle history. During ns industrialism die Brits earned massive sums on cotton trade, buying the cotton zum close to nothing. There space only few crops that require deshalb much manual arbeit but the at die same time room attractive zu grow because of the strong and steady demand. The situation today is in many areas unfortunately not too different an that cotton farmers in India just barely knife enough for their täglich food. Oftentimes ns farmers so take on debt to buy fertilizers. In Uzbekistan forced labor zu sein common an the cotton production und child labor zu sein a dominance rather than an exception. In order to Uzbekistan zu sein one von the biggest cotton producing countries worldwide. However, the origin von the cotton is hard to trace together cotton from numerous countries can be transported zu e.g. China where most cotton clothing are produced. There the cotton is mixed kommen sie cotton bulk. The way, cotton created with child labor could land in our closets.



For FISH AGAINST the STREAM it is of utmost importance kommen sie know die whole production chain. Die cotton supplied stems from the Guarat region in Northwestern India (Agrocel markets Indie fair Labor organisation no: 4073). Die entire production chain from die farmers to die factory workers is working follow to ns fair profession principles. Among key principles von fair trade are no son labor, safe und human working conditions and a maximum arbeit week von 48 hours. Die workers get a salary for their work, which besteht aus their jeden tag needs and deshalb is sufficient zum some usually savings. The Assisi clothing factory employs countless physically disabled people, such as deaf und dumb women. Die Assisi clothing Factory ist clean und proper and offers safe arbeiten conditions.

Ecological from start to finnish – from die crop to die processed product

Cotton production is very demanding in terms von resources. Ns cotton plant needs a lot of water to grow. To produce a t-shirt about 2700 litres of water space needed. Die farmers are an a constant fight against vermins which destroy ns crop. In cotton production an ext pesticides are offered than in the production des any various other crop. Pesticides are used up zu 40 times before ns cotton kann sein be harvested. In conventional, non-organic cotton production die pesticides contain substances the may cause cancer or respiratory tract diseases. Unfortunately these substances partly remain in the clothes. In the production of Assisi clothes GOTS certified cotton organic oil from die neem tree (aradirachta indica) blended with different herbs schutz been used kommen sie protect die cotton plants against vermins fairly than toxic pesticides. As fertilizers they usage urine and dung native cows, composted leaves and crops, chipped lumber from the neem-tree and rock phosphate.

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In noodle dyeing chemicals room needed weil das the color to be long-lasting. Decisive ist however, what chemicals room used und and an what quantities. To color a normalerweise t-shirt up to a kilogramm of chemicals might be used. Nur like ns pesticides used bei conventional cotton farming, over there are so toxic building materials used in the standard dyeing process that may cause cancer, skin- or respiratory tract diseases. It has actually been measured that some garments even after having actually been wash ten times ausblüten contain a harmfully high concentration von chemicals that us should not get exposed to. Zum a cloth kommen sie be classified together organic noodle according to die GOTS standard there zu sein a list des 20 chemistry that die cloth may not contain. Bei organic dyeing milder chemicals are used. Die cotton used in FISH AGAINST ns STREAM clothes zu sein colored as environmentally and human friendly as possible. Ns products contain hinweisen least 95% essential cotton. Various other cotton clothes labelled together ”organic” might contain as wenig as 5% organic cotton. Particularly zum kids und allergic persons organic cotton it ist clearly zu be recommended.