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Subdue und extract the Spetsnaz commander with this Metal gear Solid 5 A Hero's Way aufgabe guide. Pflicht 3 walkthrough.

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In this Metal equipment Solid 5 A Hero"s Way mission guide, we"ll it is in outlining the quickest method possible zu take down mission 3 des MGS5. This is an open ended operation, an interpretation you tun können tackle it yet you seen fit. We opted zu infiltrate über being dropped in at die northern landing zone, do our way south along the roads and taking the high ground. We’re acquiring a little ahead des ourselves here, deswegen let’s rückseitig up zum just a moment. Monitor our Metal equipment Solid 5 - A Hero"s Way aufgabe Guide - aufgabe 3 Walkthrough zum all the information you need.

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Metal equipment Solid 5 A Hero"s Way aufgabe Guide - aufgabe 3 Walkthrough

Before freundin drop in, take a really great look punkt your iDROID map and zoom in on da Shago Kallai. In the southwest part des the village you will lakers a structure bolzen two roads. That ist the taste complex and where we eventually found die commander. You kann mess approximately taking out his soldiers if you want, but you can so make your means directly zu that building und get the job done quickly. Of course, thinning ns enemy numbers zu sein a risk/reward decision. If freundin are made, freundin will ende up bei a firefight against a large force des soldiers. However, if you can take out some des the an ext troublesome troops, you can make your journey to die commander a viel safer one.


Head southern along the road from ns northern LZ and you wollen eventually point out a guard post with one soldier an the tower and one on the ground. Wait zum you opportunity, and then sneak an and silently eliminate the solider on die ground. From here you kann sein either climb die ladder zu kill the second solider, or you kann sein shoot er from a distance. Freundin might deshalb considering trying die Fulton recovery Device, yet that’s up zu you.

When die guard post zu sein clear, search weil das any products that can be laying around, and then head southern again. Us stuck to die west side des the road, taking die high ground and spending a few minutes with our binoculars. You should it is in able to markierung a large number des foes, giving sie a better gelegenheit of continuing to be undetected.

Pay distinct attention to three buildings (not the main complex), together each one will have a solider on that using the spotlight. You tun können infiltrate each framework while staying on ns outskirts von the village, climbing die ladder und silently eliminating die soldier an each one. This möchte help you kommen sie move around the village a little better, as ns best adversary vantage point out will jetzt be neutralized.

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When freundin feel like jene are bit much more manageable, consider approaching the taste complex from the southwest, together most des the patrols you oase to deal with will be to die east und northeast des that position. Us can’t help freundin sneak an by informing you ns location of every enemy, together they move roughly a lot und it depends entirely on timing. Just remember kommen sie take the end isolated soldiers, hiding your bodies deshalb that they cannot be discovered von their comrades.

You’ll also want kommen sie keep bei mind that ns Fulton restore Device kann be seen von the enemy, so don’t think you kann sein just attach bei unconscious soldier zu it and let lock fly. You have to be aware of who kann sein see und hear what you’re doing. Ultimately, this zu sein what resulted in us to go from a stealth operation zu a kill them all operation.

If freundin are discovered out, go to one of the three main buildings that you killed the lone safety on. Us didn’t schutz any problem with the enemy approaching united state here, und it provided us a great view des what us had kommen sie deal with. We just kept killing everyone us could, moving back und forth along die roof. We also called in a supply drop wie man we verlief out von ammunition and had worn out our suppressors.


Whether you kill everyone or sneak past them, look zum the command on ns bottom floor des the hauptsächlich complex. Us found ihm cowering behind a bar, and choked er out quite than get rid of him. Us then threw ihm on our back und carried er outside, attaching the Fulton delivery Device to him und sending him back to mommy Base. This is something you möchte want zu do often, as experienced personnel tun können only aid you kommen sie upgrade her departments.

When die commander zu sein handled, grab the nearby jeep und drive out von the hot zone. If you killed anyone around, it should be a reasonably chill ride. If freundin didn’t, sie should expect jene to it is in a little sportier. When you’re clear the aufgabe will end.

You can now choose whether freundin want kommen sie accept another aufgabe right away, or if sie want zu go take one of the next operations. Sie can deshalb return to die Mother Base zum a shower und to construct some neu weapons (you kann sein develop the weapons from die field as well). It’s completely up kommen sie you what your next relocate is, however you wollen most likely need her iDROID zu make it.

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