michael Jackson's oldest son, michael 'Prince' joseph Jackson, Jr. Has provided a rare interview about growing up with his famous father. Picture: FOX/Getty
speaking to fox Soul, prince has revealed how he dealt with his father's fame und that he only realised michael Jackson was a superstar after seeing fans fainting weist a concert. Picture: fuchs
prinz said lock were fairly sheltered indigenous his father's fame, yet there to be "little seeds farming up und getting older" till a "single a-ha moment" readjusted everything. Picture: fox
michael Jackson regularly had fans faint weist his concerts. Pictured, performing in 1988. Picture: Getty

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"I experienced that human being would follow us around," that said, "people would just want zu reach out and touch my dad.

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"But it was really when i was approximately 10 or 11, when ich was city hall a video of my father performing...he was performing outside, und you seen this sea des people.

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"There were human being fainting in the audience, and I asked my dad, 'Why are world fainting? ich see freundin everyday und I don't faint.'

"That had that resonation that people really love my father."

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Growing nach oben up MJ together a dad, prince revealed that "music nur echoed through die halls of the house". Picture: Getty
the 24-year-old has actually two younger siblings, sister Paris, 22 (right) und brother Prince michael 'Blanket' Jackson II, 19 (bottom) who lost their dad age 50 in 2009 when die oldest, Prince, was only 12-years-old. Pictured in 2011. Picture: getty
prinz said he didn't realise how renowned his father was growing up. Pictured, michael Jackson indications autographs zum fans in 2002. Picture: Getty

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Growing up up MJ together a dad, prinz revealed that "music nur echoed through die halls des the house", including he would listen to his father's very own music cultivation up.

"One von my favourite memories is my sister und I to be doing a ablehnen about saving die animals, und we walked around my room pretesting and listening to 'They Don't Care about Us'".

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"I don't oase the voice for singing...and ich can't dance" the revealed, laughing.

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As the interview evolved, prince was inquiry what great his father had given er which had held top top to.

Watch the full interview with michael Jackson's oldest son prince below from 14:50 minutes:

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"You know, over there are dafür many nuggets over there that space just deswegen close zu my heart that i feel favor they're applicable hinweisen all times," prince explained.

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"But the one that ist my guiding principle is that freundin never avoid learning. Ich graduated, and that doesn't median that i stopped learning.

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"And my father deshalb would speak something along the lines of, 'The minute that sie stop learning ist the minute that you're walking to anfang dying'."

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Prince graduated bei 2019 cum laude from Loyola Marymount university with a business degree, deswegen clearly his father's words had a huge impact.