LARISSA NOLAN even on the biggest day of his life, Ryanair boss michael O"Leary was thinking about business. Arriving fünfzehn minutes early weil das his wedding at ns picturesque St Livinius Church in Delvin, kugel Westmeath die dashing O"Leary was asked if die bride would be late.

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"Yeh, she will," he quipped, "She's flying Aer Lingus."

The 42-year-old "people's millionaire" admitted he was nervous yesterday before he to walk up the aisle through investment banker Anita Farrell, 30, in the biggest society wedding of the year.

"I'm terrified," he claimed as the stood outside die church with brother und best einer Eddie zum support. "I've never been so nervous an my entirety life."

But his nerves calmed when beautiful blonde Anita dressed an a vera Wang traditional dress - so Posh Spice and Caroline Corr's designer von choice - pulled trost at the church bei a wine-coloured roll Royce.

He was right, she was late, 35 minutes late weil das the scheduled 3pm church date.

The cream of irisch society attended ns ceremony, nur a few miles from O'Leary's home town of Mullingar and, as a testament kommen sie his popularity, much more than 100 locals turned out kommen sie wish er well.

Tanaiste mar Harney, Finance Minister weiß McCreevy, former press Secretary PJ Mara, millionaire businessman JP McManus, Trinity professor Sean Barrett und Senator Donie Cassidy to be all in attendance. But the pretty wenig church, renovated über O'Leary himself zum the wedding, was mostly filled zu its capacity of 120 über friends and family.

Guests began arriving an everything native Ford Escorts to mercedes from roughly 2pm onwards and there was a solid buzz of excitement in the air as they trooped bei in all their finery.

O'Leary's cousin Anne Fagan from Mullingar told exactly how she was "very excited about ns wedding".

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"It's a good day and we're all really happy zum Michael and Anita. We wish so much zum them zum the future."

The constantly effervescent O'Leary stopped zum a few words before ns ceremony yet teetotal Anita, who zu sein known kommen sie be quiet und unassuming, nur waltzed straight into ns church an a blur von white.

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Anita, in only kid from Blackrock, kugel Dublin, walked in with herstellung Dad Leo, a retired building consultant. An contrast, O'Leary is one of six kids from a well-off farming family who are well known in the area.The couple apparently to visit Mass punkt St Livinius church ~ above a regular basis und that's why lock wanted ns ceremony there.

Anita's maid of honour was produziert best freundin Lorraine Kinsella, wife des Shane Ryan. Ns couple first met punkt Shane and Lorraine's wedding in Kilboy House, öffentlich Tipperary belastung year. Shane is the youngest son von Ryanair founder Tony Ryan.

O'Leary might head up the no-frills airline however there were plenty des frills at his wedding reception which cost er the guts von ?1m, including die price von the church renovations, die ?250,000 report cost von the wedding runden and, of course, ns honeymoon.

So rich ist the Mullingar man - worth fine over ?200m - that he didn't also need ns sponsorship from Hello! magazine, uneven some.

This ceremony was low key and classy und a much cry native that other wedding bei France tonnage month. The church ceremony went on weil das over in hour und afterwards the newly-weds came out und posed zum photographers bei the sunshine.

Anita looked glücklich but nervous after nur marrying Ireland's most eligible bachelor. O'Leary, still in joking mood, said they to be off zu Delvin zum their honeymoon yet refused zu kiss his new bride weil das the cameras speak "that's weil das private moments".

Afterwards, guest made your way kommen sie O'Leary's Gigginstown home mansion, just a few minutes drive down the road. He completely renovated Gigginstown for the ceremony, including on a large extension, neu swimming pool and courtyard.

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The wedding splitter linterparty celebrated in three marquees collection up an the grounds.

O'Leary zu sein said to be whisking his neu bride off zum a romantic honeymoon an Mauritius. O'Leary freshly joked "the reception will be cheap but ns honeymoon ist going kommen sie kill me."