Michelin Crossclimate+ 205/55 R16

MICHELIN CrossClimate

Arm yourself zum every weather condition

Introducing die MICHELIN CrossClimate tyre with revolutionary performances the keep you safe in every weather condition. It offers the advantages von summer tyres bei wet braking, dry braking, longevity, & fuel efficiency, und the advantages von winter tyres in traction and braking zum consumers driving an cold or occasional snowy conditions. With ns simplicity des only one set von tyres every year long!

And always the acclaimed benefits von MICHELIN gesamt Performance

The MICHELIN CrossClimate tyre represents die successful fusion des summer and winter technologies to create. MICHELIN’s first-ever summer tire with winter certification.* MICHELIN CrossClimate is a major neu Michelin development once again placing MICHELIN gesamt Performance right into practice. MICHELIN CrossClimate ist a tyre v revolutionary performances the keep sie safe bei every weather condition, many thanks to ns successful fusion des summer and winter technologies.

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MICHELIN’s first-ever summer tyre with winter certification(1) many thanks to the fusion of:Intelligent new MIX of compoundsEXCELLENT GRIP in EVERY WEATHER CONDITON‘A’ wet braking levelOptimized fuel consumptionCombination von a distinct V-shaped tread sample with neu higher- performing sipesExcellent dry performancelStrong eye tractionMaintained tyre longevityInnovative verband of bevel-edged tread blocks with die higher- performing sipesEffective dry brakingGreat eye performance

(1)3PMSF (3 Peak mountain Snow Flake, winter approval) * zum a majority des dimensions. Grading von dimension available by May ** Grading by dimension available von May


The New europäische union Tire Label?

As part von the activity Plan weil das Energy efficiency was erste November 2012 introduced the eu tire label . Henceforth, the motiv vehicle tires space fitted within the European gewerkschaftern with this indicator und inform about ns fuel consumption , wet grip und noise classification of each product. Weil das you we have compiled all relevant information.The tire label zu sein divided into three various categories , which are measured separately.1 rolling resistanceThe rojo resistance des a tire straight influenced ns fuel consumption von your vehicle. The lower the rolling resistance, the less fuel freundin consume. Die best rating bei this category is the letter "A" with the color green , while a red " G" is the weakest of censorship .

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Ns letter " D" zu sein not used. Native A zu G des consumption through each letter zu 100km is higher über 0.1 l .2 wet gripIn ns wet adhesion, die braking distance zu sein measured ~ above a wet road . The rating goes indigenous a environment-friendly " A" kommen sie a red "G". However, ns letter "D" and "G" are not currently bei use. An the evaluation was based on a speed of 80 km / hr. From A to f with each letter von the braking distance wollen be much longer .3 noiseWith ns volume von noise zu sein referred to , produced über the tires wie driving. Indicated ist the absolute decibel worth . The evaluation worths ​​are divided into three classes which room represented über lines to die right von the depicted ear.

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Die more lines space black, ns louder ns tires. A constant noise of over 80 decibels kann lead to health problems.