I schutz to install Office 2013 Home und Business kommen sie 10 - 20 different PC"s I have a product key weil das each installation. But ich don"t want zu use the same e-mails address which is needed to complete install.

Du schaust: Microsoft office 2013 home and business testversion

Is over there a home und business disk image file to put on each PC?

Is there a workaround?? you re welcome help

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responded on september 22, 2013
In reply kommen sie Colm Nicholson's post on september 22, 2013
No. Sie don"t schutz to buy separate fasst disks.Office 365 has actually significantly readjusted deliver des Office bei a business setting. Auch many people, especially in small geschäft like yours, oase not been lugged up zu date on ns change. (I too in still trying zu piece together just how the neu system works.) castle continue to buy individual licenses und then oase problems managing the emails account used zu control die license. Some usage a share corporate e-mails ID to control die install des 10-20 individual licenses. But then ns users don"t schutz access to die email and skydrive allocation.But quite than purchase 10 standalone license freundin should look into going with a volume / website license. It zu sein often much less expensive, and that means you schutz a corporate bureaucratic function to control install und activation von corporate licenses.
video: Office Deployment Video unternehmen Focus however applies to Home Premium too- demo install Speed, Side by Side v Older Office

Video capture des Office 365 install. Zuerst 5 min apply kommen sie home users.

CTR enables 2013 365 zu run side von side with older versions

Office 365 unternehmen Admin Portal:

After sie haveactivated Office 365 andset nach oben your users, you wollen be able kommen sie log on zu online Portal, which is your "home" zum the Office 365 add to a emails Inbox kommen sie Office 365 with blog post Center

Deployment guide zum Office 2013

Business liceness - Office 365 (2010) Jump start videos - 15 parts

Note: presentation was created prior to Office 2013 was released, so OS specs are for Office 2010

·01: Office 365 Overview zum IT advantages - 36min video

· demo of Admin Center hinweisen 20 minute into die video, jump kommen sie 24min weil das more admin overview

· punkt 32.10 it mirrors overview des how to setup weil das pilot or full deployment

02: Deploying Clients weil das Office 365 42min video - information about Office 365 zum Plus volume patent subscription

· 03: Office 365 administration & Automation Using fenster PowerShell™

· 04: Office 365 Identity und Access Solutions

· 05: Office 365 brochure Synchronization

· 06: exchange Online Overview for IT Pros

· 07: exchange Online Administration

· 08: Staged exchange Online Migration

· 09: hybrid Options with austausch Server & austausch Online

· 10: austausch Online Archiving & Compliance

· 11: Lync online Overview & Configuration zum IT Pros

· 12: SharePoint online Overview

· 13: SharePoint online Administration

· 14: SharePoint online Extensibility & Customization

· 15: Office 365 Deployment Overview

How does a company install and control licenses - Business

Using Click kommen sie Run virtualization, die process des getting new users running has actually substantially changed. Due to the fact that CTR installations are so fast, freundin no longer schutz to pre-install the software zum users.

A business IT Admin controls use des corporate Office 365 patent through the Office 365 Administration zentral online.


· bei the Office 365 management Center die designated Office Administrator sets up the neu USER ID

· Setup the associated email account(s)

· Setup Office licenses enabled to the userid

· the neu User logs in to their neu computer

· bei Internet Explorer die user walk to the “Office 365 Portal” site zu get their allowed Office 365 installation

· using die Click zu Run fasst process, Office 365 ist installed and running ~ above a new computer is a matte of minutes.

The following links will provide you with much more detailed information of where to look and what zu do. You may require some added support from in “expert” .

Free ms training weil das Office 365 Administration center / Portal

Excellent resource to get you started administering your business Office 365 licenses.

The zuerst video, Exploring the Office 365 administration Center, explains how kommen sie create new userids, und to entrust Office licenses kommen sie them. It deshalb very easily breezes über how to install Office.

The second vidow, Office 365 Overview zum IT Administrators, easily walks freundin through setup up new company and users.

On fundamental setup page, step 3 “Set trost User Access” provides links to accuse on how zu set up new users.

In dienstleistungen Settings, Downloads, you can control what Office apps the user can download.

Creating Users weil das the new Office 365

This page provides an ext detailed instructions zum setting up the neu userids und granting castle Office 365 licenses

Configuring Desktops for the neu Office 365

The following post will file how kommen sie setup a fenstern 8 desktop weil das a cloud user weil das Office 365. I have already installed fenster 8 und created ns local account weil das my test user. I schutz logged into die Office 365 portal and had the user change his password. Ns password zum Office 365 and the password for the desktop computer are die same.

Office 365 for enterprises: A tour zum administrators

Office 365 zum enterprises brings with each other the online services your business needs. To see how to set up and manage these services, watch these four short videos.

Where did mine MSI go - Deployment Video^play:related_0&from=shareembed-syndication

10 minute comparison von MSI und CTR

Touches on this firm provisioning in”User Based License model Activation”. Users activate/deactivate, but IT still has control to deprovision the license (starting hinweisen about minute 8:15).

Then an this video / article :

They again say die companies can still allow userid activation while keeping control des the patent through energetic Directory

Jeremy: dafür we confirmed the montage experience zum a domain-joined computer where einzel sign on is enabled and one that is not domain-joined, however installs via the Office 365 portal. In the direct from tür case wie you kick off the installation, freundin will see a paper that looks something prefer this:


In a future episode we"ll talk about all des the construction needed kommen sie suppress fully sign-in, first run experiences and user prompts.ITadmins have hadto address these in pastreleases of Office, but now there room ways zu automatically sign users into Office 365 installspicking hoch their domain credentials. Ialso showed the effects of deletingthe user account from ns Azure ad store and how it put Yoni"s Office into reduced Functionality setting (RFM) - also if Yoni installs Officeon his angestellter devices making use of his organization"s Office software application assets, once Yoni leaves theorg ns IT department tun können deprovision his mitarbeiter installs. The keeps software program asset management cleaner und ITis incontrol.

Yoni: Don"t forget we so had mark Russinovich on ns show and he explained the security model zum online service with Azure advertisement - in your car. That sounds favor they are taking die defense in depth approach kommen sie harden die service. Und you made er slum it in your car, Jeremy.

This page has links to 3 posters. The zuerst poster “Identity and Authentication in the Cloud: Office 2013 and Office 365” describes punkt a high level how zu control new user setup in a corporate / small business environment.>

This page deshalb has a verknüpfung to the same poster online ( has actually PDF and Visio versions des the chart). Together well, the goes right into more einzelheiten with info like the following:

… due to the fact that Office is a tool that ist used von the exact same individual an two various roles, the new Office supplies two identities with which users kann log on zu Office 2013:

·A account, which most people use zum personal business

·An organization ID that zu sein assigned von, which most world use wie doing work for an organization, such as a business, charity, or school.

The credentials that are used kommen sie sign in are well-known as either personal or organizational. The sign-in identification becomes die user"s “home realm” und determines i m sorry documents ns user has actually access zu on SharePoint, SkyDrive, or Office 365 Services zum a certain session. Each unique sign in identity zu sein saved in a most-recently used list deswegen that it is easy zu switch between identities there is no leaving ns Office experience.


a personal SkyDrive can be an installed to in organization identity deswegen that mitarbeiter documents tun können be accessed punkt work or institution without ever before switching identities. Also, wie man a user authenticates von using an identity, this authentication is valid for all Office applications, not nur the application he or she signed an to.


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Two logon types are supported wie users sign in to Office 2013, a account or in organization i would that zu sein assigned über account (the user’s individual account). This account, previously known as Windows direkte ID, is the credential that customers use to authenticate with die network und is frequently used zum personal or non-business work, such together volunteer work. To create a account, a user provides a user name and password, particular demographic information, and “account proofs,” together as in alternative e-mails address or call number. Weil das more information about the neu account, seeWhat is a account?. Http://

An organization ID that is assigned über / Office 365 account id that ist assigned von This account is created for unternehmen use. An Office 365 account can be one von three types: a pure Office 365 ID, in Active catalog ID, or in Active catalog Federation services ID. These are defined below:

·Office 365 ID. This ID ist created when in admin set up an Office 365 domain and takes the form

·Organization id that ist assigned von that zu sein validated against a user"s energetic Directory ID. Bei organization i would that ist assigned von and validated against active Directory together follows:

1. First, a person who has in account attempts to access company resources.

2. Next, die resource requests authentication from die user.

3. Then, ns user types in their company user name and password.

4. Finally, that user name and password are validated against ns organization advertisement database, die user is authenticated, and is given access to the requested resource.

·An company ID that zu sein assigned von that ist validated against a user’s active Directory Federation service ID. In organization id that ist assigned von und validated against active Directory Federation service (ADFS) together follows:

1. First, one person who has actually attempts kommen sie accesspartner company resources.

2. Then, die resource requests authentication from ns user.

3. Next, ns user types bei their company user name and password.

4. Then, that user name and password space validated against the organization ad database.

5. Finally, that very same user name and password room passed to ns partner’s federated ad database, ns user ist authenticated, and is given accessibility to the requested resource.

For on-premises resources, Office 2013 uses die domainalias user name weil das authentication. Zum federated resources, Office 2013 uses die alias

This buchseite summarized methods of administering Office 365

Users receive fenstern Azure active Directory cloud credentials—separate native other desktop or that company credentials—for signing right into Office 365 und other cloud services.

Office 365 weil das Enterprise, Midsize Business, Kiosk, Academic, und Government subscriptions has actually two systems that tun können be used zum user identities:

·Organizational account (cloud identity)Users receive fenster Azure active Directory wolke credentials—separate native other desktop computer or that company credentials—for signing into Office 365 und other wolke services. This is the default identity, und is recommended zum small and midsize businesses in order kommen sie minimize deployment complexity. Passwords for organizational accounts usage the windows Azure energetic Directorypassword policy.

·Federated account (federated identity)For every subscriptions other than Office 365 small Business und Office 365 Small unternehmen Premium, bei organizations with on-premises ActiveDirectory the use single sign-on (SSO), users tun können sign right into Office 365 services von using your ActiveDirectory credentials. Die corporate ActiveDirectory stores and controls the password policy. For information about SSO, seeSingle sign-on roadmap.

The type von identity affects die user experience und user account administration options, and also hardware and software requirements und other deployment considerations.

When you create a new user, ns user’s sign-in name and email address are assigned to die default domain together set in the Office 365 admin center. Von default, ns Office 365 subscription uses the domain that was created with the Office 365 account. You can add one or an ext custom domains kommen sie Office 365 fairly than retaining domain, und can assign users zu sign an with any des the validated domains. Each user’s assigned domain ist the emails address that wollen appear on sent and received email messages.

You kann host up kommen sie 600 registered internet domains in Office 365, each represented by a different namespace.

For establishments using einzel sign-on, all customers on a domain must use ns same identity system: either cloud identity or federated identity. Zum example, freundin could schutz one kopieren, gruppe of customers that only requirements a cloud identity because they don’t access on-premises systems, and another gruppe of customers who usage Office 365 und on-premises systems. You would use add two domains to Office 365, such, und only set up SSO for one des them. In entire domain can be converted from wolke identity to federated identity, or indigenous federated identity to cloud identity.

For more information about domains in Office 365, lakers the Domains leistungen description.

Office 365 provides 5 ways zu create user accounts, some of which are not available zum Office 365 klein Business und Office 365 Small unternehmen Premium: Add einzel User, bulk upload utilizing *.CSV files, active Directory Synchronization, Azure active Directory Module zum powershell, austausch Simple Migration

The policies and procedures for password monitoring depend on die identity system.

Cloud identification password management:

When using wolke identities, passwords are automatically generated when die account zu sein created.

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·For wolke identity password strength requirements, see Change her password. Http://

·To boost security, customers must adjust their passwords when they zuerst access Office 365 services. Together a result, prior to users tun können access Office 365 services, they need to sign into ns Office 365 portal, where they are prompted zu change your passwords.

·Admins kann set the password expiration policy. For more information weil das Enterprise und Midsize subscriptions, seeSet a user’s password expiration policy. small Business, lakers Change how regularly passwords expire. Http://

A subscription kommen sie Office 365 zu sein made up of a number von licenses zu a set des services. In administrator assigns a license kommen sie each user zum each leistungen that user needs access to. Zum more info about controlling licenses, see Assign or eliminate a license in Office 365 Enterprise, orAssign or remove a license in Office 365 small Business. Http://

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