Mies Van Der Rohe Collage

An inner perspective des theConvention Hall, Chicago, Illinois, 1952–54, von Mies van das Rohe.

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Photography: die Museum von Modern Art, neu York / Scala, Florence / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2016

Drawn indigenous MoMA’s collections, a host des collages von Ludwig Mies van der Rohe room on display screen together for the zuerst time at die Ludwig Forum bei Aachen, Germany. Ns works administer a glimpse right into van das Rohe’s design process, however are also autonomous pieces des art. Presented beside various other artists of the 20th century, they ar van ns Rohe at the heart von the modernist movement.

Made betwee the year 1910 and 1965, van ns Rohe supplied these large-scale collages kommen sie visualise space, presenting them weil das competitions, exhibitions and journals and using them to explore his ideas und theories zum Neues Bauern or ‘New Building’.


Interior perspective von Project zum Concert Hall, 1942, von Mies van das Rohe. Photography: the Museum von Modern Art, new York / Scala, Florence / VG Bild- Kunst, Bonn, 2016

Combining illustration, sketches und photomontage, die collages room architecturally led, setting ns principles of modernism with solid dimension-building lines und striking platz concepts weil das interiors weil das built projects such as his Convention Hall in Chicago (1952–54) and so those the were never realised, such together Museum weil das a Small stadt (1941–43) und the georg Schaefer Museum Project, Schweinfurt, Germany (1960–63).

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Along with a an accurate grasp on ingredient from his architectural training, his imaginative aesthetic took influence from the 20th century movements of dada, constructivism, and De Stijl (van ns Rohe was both friends with artists and a collector himself).

The exhibition adheres to a chronological course, yet locations his works bei historical und artistic contexts, aligning them through contemporaries including kurt Schwitters, Hannah Höch und László Moholy-Nagy, artists that were lifelong influences to his exercise such as paul Klee and Georges Braque, und practitioners who address his own architectural work, together as thomas Ruff.

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Curated by andreas Beitin und Holger Otten in collaboration through Museum george Schäfer bei Schweinfurt, Germany, the exhibition will travel to frufurt next, from 26 February – 28 may 2017.