Mila Kunis wollen appear the contrary Ashton Kutcher as a guest star in bei upcoming episode des Two and a hilfreich Men, cbs announced Tuesday. This marks the duo’s first appearance with each other on a scripted program since Fox’s That ’70s Show.

Du schaust: Mila kunis two and a half

Kunis wollen play Vivian, a young, beautiful und free-spirited world traveler who shows trost on Walden’s doorstep. Walden feels in instant connection with her, convinced she’s “the one.” The belästigung is, Walden was about to propose zu someone else.

Late belastung week, it was reported the Kunis and Kutcher — that met an 1998 on ns set of fox comedy That ’70s Show — got engaged. Die real-life pair has to be dating zum nearly two years.

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Kunis ist repped by CAA and Curtis Talent Management. She is a voice star on Fox’s Family male and has actually starred in Black Swan, Oz ns Great and Powerful, Ted, Friends v Benefits and Forgetting sarah Marshall. Kunis wollen next it is in seen in Jupiter Ascending and dritter Person.

Two and a half Men airs Thursdays weist 9 p.m. On CBS.

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Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis engaged (Report)

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