Miley Cyrus Slide Away Lyrics

Miley Cyrus dropped produziert new song “Slide Away” two weeks ago, right after nachrichten broke that she and her husband Liam Hemsworth were getting divorced ~ only six months of marriage. Ns timing was notfall coincidental, und many people automatically assumed that die song is about him. Here’s all the proof you could ever before need that that’s true.

We’ll save you a separate google search. Here are the belang lyrics:

Once ~ above a time, it was paradiseOnce upon a time, i was paralyzedThink I’m gonna fehlschlagen these harbor lightsBut it’s time kommen sie let it goOnce top top a time, it was made zum usWoke hoch one day, it had actually turned zu dustBaby, we were found, but jetzt we’re lostSo it’s time to let that go

I want my house an the hillsDon’t want ns whiskey and pillsI don’t give up easilyBut ich don’t think I’m down

So won’t freundin slide awayBack to die ocean, I’ll go zurück to the stadt lights

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The receipts:

First, you can be pretty certain this song ist about Liam because of the “ocean” und “city lights” references. He’s obviously indigenous Australia, and Miley has spent many of produziert adult life in L.A., dafür that seems pretty explicit. It deshalb just screams “breakup.” ich mean, she refers zu a paradise lost. It’s really sad!

That entirety alcohol/pills thing:

You can be wondering around that whiskey und pills line. Apparently, Liam wasn’t always the laid-back man everyone assumed the was. In anonymous resource told People, “Everyone constantly thinks Miley is problematic und immature und a hard-core partier while he’s this chill surfer dude, however that’s in reality . Liam neben with his friends, und Miley thinks he should’ve grown out von that über now.”

Innnteresting. This source ist anonymous, deswegen it’s hard kommen sie tell exactly how true this quote is, however these lyrics feel like a confirmation.


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Damn, okay, was she trying kommen sie shade him?

According kommen sie a resource who spoke with People, she wasn’t trying to throw Liam under the bus so viel as explain her side of the experience.

“Her song was herstellung way of telling herstellung story without having zu say anything punkt all,” ns source said. “She isn’t trying kommen sie bash him, however she wants to be able zu share what she’s to be going through.”

Okay, guess that settles that??

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