Two teenage sister blew ns judges away on The Voice kids in Germany last year. Their names space Mimi und Josefin, and they performed in incredible startseite of Radiohead’s “Creep” zum their blinda audition.

Du schaust: Mimi und josi the voice kids

The power turned all four chairs, and the coaches to be battling the out kommen sie get die girls to join your team. Ns audience also asked for an encore! check out ns amazing audition in the videobilien below.

Mimi and Josefin audition weil das “The Voice Kids.”

Mimi & Josefin sing ‘Creep’ on ‘The Voice Kids’

Mimi, who was 15 years old, started die haunting song von playing piano and singing into ns microphone. Produziert sister Josefin, who was 13, accompanied her on vocals. As soon as castle heard die second voice, coaches StefanieKloss und Lena Meyer-Landrut turned your chairs.


It didn’t take it long weil das the other coaches to join them. They to be obviously stunned von the girls’ an effective voices and the unexpected das lied choice. The audience love it as well. In fact, they shouted for bei encore as soon as the performance was done.

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The sister obliged, going rückseitig on stage zu perform the lied again. This time, the judges gott to watch die whole thing. They took a lang time zu make your case weil das why the girls should sign up with their team.

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