If HBO Max was aiming zu create hype for And nur Like That…¸the Sex and the City reboot, it has succeeded. Zum weeks, fans of the original series have been hyperfocused top top a rumor that Mr. Big, Carrie Bradshaw’s huge love, dies in the erste episode von the upcoming restricted series. There is evidence for und against the storyline, but fans point to three facts that make the rumor the Mr. Big dies rather compelling.

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Images coming from die ‘Sex und the City’ reboot have fans questioning even if it is Mr. Big ist alive or dead

The filming of theSex and the Cityreboot is in full swing in New york City. Many days of the week, lucky fans kann spotthree von their 4 favorite palson the streets of Manhattan. Weil das those not fortunate enough zu catch a glimpse von filming, the internet is their best friend. HBO Max und several cast members oase been sharing kühl behind ns scene photos, and fans on die streets have been sharing them, too. Those mutual images, fans are convinced, prove the Mr. Big dies early on in the series.

Ever thine, ever before mine, ever before ours. ❤️ #AndJustLikeThat, large & Carrie schutz reunited. (: Instagram) pic.twitter.com/GjmhNzXVxz

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Sarah jessica Parker, kris Noth, and HBO Max have shared production shots von Carrie und Mr. Huge on Instagram. Fans noticed something exciting about die photos, though. Die pictures mutual are largely bathed in golden light, as if ns scenes schutz been filmed hinweisen sunset. A fan points out that die glow seems kommen sie be specific to photos involving Mr. Big. They theorize that die pictures can be indigenous flashback scenes together Carrie faces Mr. Big’s death. Ns theory argues he dies in the erste episode, und all those gelb lit moments room Carrie thinking rückseitig on her time v the liebe of herstellung life. It would certainly be in interesting idea if it weren’t deswegen heartbreakingly sad.

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Fans point to die alleged funeral scene together proof Mr. Big ist killed at an early stage on in ‘And nur Like That…’

Aside from die recently shared photos, fan point to a specific scene together proof that Mr. Large dies bei the show’s early on episodes. Recently, fans on the ground mutual snippets of filming on society media. The videos and production stills zeigen the actors attending what appears zu be a funeral. At ns very least, die extras milling around were all dressed bei black. While die cast shooting most des the step inside, fan quickly listed that Mr. Big’s fit seemed kommen sie be a little bit out of place.

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Sarah jessica Parker und Chris Noth | james Devaney/GC Images

While everyone milling about was seen put on black, Mr. Big was dressed an a blue suit. Reddit users to be quick zu suggest that Big was dressed an blue due to the fact that he was die one gift buried. While it’s an interesting theory, the doesn’t seem kommen sie consider die outside scene Parker and Noth completed the day. The dialogue has large calling zum his driver, who is uptown. He mentions kommen sie Carrie the he wasn’t expecting them kommen sie be leaving deshalb soon. It’s so important to note that Carrie was not dressed bei all black, either.

A prior ‘Sex und the City’ manuscript allegedly called for Mr. Big’s death

It’s entirely feasible that all ns rumors about Mr. Big’s potential death in And just Like That… can it is in traced back to in alleged manuscript for Sex und the stadt 3. Die third movie was scrapped nur days prior to production was set kommen sie begin. According zu reports, the movie was set to start filming in 2017, but metall Cattrall, ns actor who played Samantha Jones, und Warner Bros. Could notfall agree top top contract terms. Instead des rewriting die script there is no Cattrall’s character, the network tossed die entire movie. Cattrall has actually vehemently denied the claims. Willie Garson, the actor that plays Stanford Blatch, threw severe shade weist his former castmate about it, deswegen clearly something happened there. 

66 Perry Street bei New York city | Brian Ach/WireImage

Either way, ns storyline weil das that der dritte tag movie allegedly centered around ns death von Mr. Big. James Andrew Miller, a journalist and the organize of Origins, was the zuerst person kommen sie suggest a death storyline zum Mr. Huge was die focus of Sex und the city 3. While Miller cases to schutz seen the script, it has never to be made obtainable to the public. Bei 2018, Noth refuse reports the Mr. Big died bei the ill-fated flick. Die famed actor told the Sun that ns entire fatality storyline was a “big lie” und that Mr. Huge would schutz made it with unscathed, punkt least physically.

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