Mit Dem Hund Gassi Gehen

Does every dog walking is 'Gassi gehen' expression or should i say 'Ich spanzire mit mein Hund'. If the 'Gassi gehen' ist correct exactly how should ich make the sentence when ich want zu say 'I walk my dog everyday'?


"Gassi gehen" method that you're going outside specifically to walk your dog.

Du schaust: Mit dem hund gassi gehen

"Mit zum Hund spazieren" method that you're going zum a walk and your dog ist coming with you. Yet he's not the hauptsächlich reason why you're going for that walk.

Walking your dog everyday would it is in "ich gehe jeden tag mit meinem hund Gassi"

Spazieren gegangen you can do through every person/animal. Gassi ging is mainly zum dogs however if you take her cat out on a leash that’ll probably arbeiten too.

It might be used in certain areas more strongly, but zu me it sounds a little childish and attribute it an ext with southeners. Many people i know can use it but would more often to speak "wir gegangen mit zum Hund raus" or something similar. Because usually sie go the end with die dog since there ist a need.

Spazieren gegangen could be used yet would suggest a recreation activitive wherein I also have my dog through me weil das double duty.

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Note that die verb "spazieren" über itself is barely used, und generally means something favor "to stroll". "To go for a walk" is "spazieren gehen". You can use this weil das going zum a to walk yourself, or zum walking your dog. "Gassi gehen" only walks through your dog.

'I walk my dog everyday'?

Ich gehe jeden tag mit meinem hund spazieren.

Ich gehen jeden tag mit meinem hund Gassi.

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Both work. Personally ich would constantly opt weil das spazieren, because ich think Gassi sounds silly, und it nur wasn't supplied where ich grew up. Yet people definitely use that one, too.

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But what if her dog is named Gassi?

I schutz géhenne jede einzelne Tag mit meinem hund Gassi spazieren?

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