Mont ventoux tour de france

The 2016 Tour außerdem France ascent of the Mont Ventoux will go under as one of the many chaotic an its history. takes a look at behind the scenes of that memorable day.

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kris Froome running up Mont Ventoux at die 2016 Tour außerdem France Photo: Tim juni Waele/Corbis via getty Images
Chris Froome ultimately gets a bike after ~ running hoch Mont Ventoux Photo: Tim dach Waele/Corbis via getty Images

At ns finish, we were mainly unaware des the theater that was unfolding nur down ns mountain. We had watched Thomas juni Gendt solo to a stage win ahead of Serge Pauwels top top a klein TV in a van beyond die finish line before darting out to lakers the GC contenders kommen sie through.

When we verlief out of the truck, Froome, Mollema, und Porte to be riding well with each other after attack from the kopieren, gruppe of favorites. über the time we had navigated the crowds and the contempt circuitous route kommen sie get the team busses parking, Mollema was alone.

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Had that attacked? had he been dropped? we didn’t know.

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The finish of any cycle race, an especially a Tour de France stage, is always a little bit manic, but this was a different level.

I darted turn off after ns Dutchman together my colleague patrick Fletcher went in search des others. While waiting zum Mollema zu finish speaking with die Dutch press, i heard talk von a crash, but ich didn’t know die full extent.

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Mollema was relatively glücklich with how things had panned out in spite des the crash. That was the quickest rückseitig on his bike after die incident und had do time top top his rivals. It wouldn’t matter bei the end as ASO made ns unprecedented call to nullify ns time gaps.