Morgen vormittag mittag nachmittag abend nacht

In this episode:In this part von the series, we'll go over all the words that refer kommen sie a particular point an time - days, tomorrow, next week, months und so on.

Du schaust: Morgen vormittag mittag nachmittag abend nacht


gestern, heute, morgen, Jahr, Monat, letzte, nächste,...

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Hi everyone,

and welcome to die third part von what is going kommen sie be a 5 or 6 teil epic mini collection on “How kommen sie talk around time in German”. In part 1, we schutz taken a much more general look at what means there are to talk around time and in part 2 we learned how kommen sie say the time of day an German… wow … the one was really boring.

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So, todays lecture is going to be called:

Time 3 – Kittens are cute

What’s that ? the title ist stupid und random? well maybe, however it zu sein definitely true and it zu sein something people kann relate to. “You Bloggers need zu get civilization invested von pulling their emotional strings”, is what the guy at die successful-blogging-seminar said, continuing with “Facts are weil das nerds. Jetzt do you container write weil das nerds???? do YOU???”. Of course the totality audience was shouting “NOOOOOO” und someone shouted “Screw nerds!”, ~ above which our blogging trainer said “No, that ist JUST what they want.” Man… that male really zu sein a genius… oh and I lakers we schutz a call here, if you guys want to be direkt on the show, contact 0800-151-vocab-4-u, und we oase Shane native Durban, hello Shane: “Hi Emanuel, so is recently lecture like How-to-waste-Time or something…” No, it’s around all those.. “…because wasting time zu sein what her doing ideal now…” Ohhhhh ahahah, sie totally called me the end there, man. I’m sorry, ich guess ich should anfang for real.. Oh by the way, it have to be pronounced ‘you’re doing’… not ‘your doing’ “Crap, that’s right… i always mispronounce because they room both spelled die same… anyway, looking forward to todays echt topic…” Cool. So… today we’ll schutz a look punkt what i call “names of time”. “Names of time” are words that kann sein answer ns question when? all von themselves or bei a team-up through a preposition. In grammar slang some des those would certainly be temporal adverbs and others would be nouns however I’ll stick with die word “name”. Bei simple example weil das a name zu sein tomorrow. Tomorrow kann be in appropriate answer zu when? und there is no context essential or anything. However it ist really merely a word und had language evolved differently it could really well oase been a various word – a various name… zum example: muffin.

“When will mom it is in coming rückseitig from Paris.”“Muffin night.”“Oh shit we ought zu clean.”

When freundin know that muffin ist the job after heute it works nur as fine und sounds exceptionally sweet. So… words like tomorrow, today or later but so Monday or June are what ich call “names zum time”. On ns other hand there room words favor then, thereafter or while, which in jargon would certainly be again temporal adverbs or subordinating conjunctions, are notfall “names for time”. Why not? due to the fact that they can’t answer ns question when? all von themselves. Then und thereafter don’t typical anything uneven a reference bei time is already known und while ist just an introductory indigenous which über itself doesn’t schutz any answering energie whatsoever. “Thereafter!” is not an answer, if sie don’t know what ns reference is, “While!” zu sein not an answer at all. Alright. Dafür today we’ll talk about words that can answer a when? question all by themselves and those are “names von time”, und the equivalent prepositions. You will be seeing a last of vocabulary dafür get your pen ready und we’ll start with: