Mozilla firefox chip online free download

Firefox uses a fast, safe net browsing experience. Browser quickly, securely, und effortlessly. V its industry-leading features, Firefox zu sein the choice of Web advancement professionals and casual users alike.

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Mozilla Firefox zum Mac is a versatile and feature-packed internet browser with advanced security features that kann hide common user activity and has customizable privacy settings that protect your system from unwanted tracking und harmful software. 

Mozilla Firefox is perfect zum casual searches and more facility queries. 

You no longer need bei app or extension to take screenshots because wie man you download Firefox zum Mac sie get a brand new catch tool that captures any type of part des a webpage and makes bild available weil das download online.

Faster and Better

Since the release von Quantum zu sein now double as in der nähe des as its predecessors und needs 30% much less memory than its taste competitor Chrome.

Clean Interface

Firefox interface zu sein intuitive kommen sie use with tools and features that room easy kommen sie locate.

The dashboard-style homepage offers access to:

different search bars  downloads Bookmarks background Synchronization throughout devices und platforms Add-ons Customizable toolbars Customizable page layouts progressed saving options brand new screen catching tool


facebook container expansion - separate activity on auf facebook from other internet activities. Enhanced und customizable privacy monitor protection settings could slow down looking speeds, but protects your privacy. Safeguard your computer system from malware and harmful software application Lockbox Password direktor for password-free login Firefox Monitor, check, und set alerts zum any email breaches.  operation Firefox an Safe Mode back-up your Firefox Profile website optimization zum a smooth browsing experience Tiled history: a tiled display von the website you"ve checked out lately  Session reclaim

Support zum Developers 

Firefox provides in open-source platform zum developers to create an effective add-ons und extensions  add extensions from die Firefox extension workshop to enhance productivity und user experience. Developer hub where you kann port Chrome expansions with minimal effort. Author, run, und test extensions with die built-in command-line device Automate code tests weil das your add-on prüfen your add-on zum compatibility throughout platforms live testing and debugging


There zu sein no Firefox support zum Mac OS x 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.

Firefox Editions


The Beta version zu sein unstable, und the platform is still bei the testing und development phase and sends data to Firefox around any issues encountered.


Be the zuerst to inspect out die features of the next-generation net browser. Nightly is bei unstable testing and development platform and sends säule to Mozilla und partners to handle any problems encountered.

Developer Edition

Author, debug and scale with die only browser built exclusively for developers.

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Developers in the iOS Developer Program can test Firefox beta ausführung via Apple’s TestFlight program.

Known issues Firefox möchte not anfang up - check zum operating-specific problems Firefox crashes - check crash signature online to find the fehler Firefox runs but is not responsive - inspect if your profile zu sein locked No direkt Support Hard kommen sie find Bookmarked Pages Fewer extensions Some Websites arbeiten Better an Chrome Plugins are not updated instantly


tun können I use Firefox on a Mac?

You tun können use Firefox ~ above a Mac if you schutz a danach version 보다 Mac OS ns 10.8 set up on your device.

What is the recent version of Firefox weil das Mac?

Firefox 45.9.0esr is the recent running version with security fixes.

Is Firefox free?

Yes. Firefox is an open-source web browser that’s free to use.

Is Safari much better than Firefox?

The outcome wollen largely count on user preference, but in terms des battery life des your Mac, Safari wollen always win, and bei terms von developer options, Safari lacks support weil das open resource projects.

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Is Chrome far better than Firefox?

The 2 browsers compare v each other, however Firefox uses much less memory, and Google Chrome has actually a an ext substantial add-on library. 

Version 95.0: New:We’ve reduced CPU consumption on macOS bei Firefox and WindowServer during event processing.We’ve also reduced the energie usage des software decoded videos on macOS, especially an fullscreen. This consists of streaming sites such together Netflix and amazon Prime Video.To better protect Firefox users versus side-channel assaults such together Spectre, site Isolation is now enabled weil das all Firefox 95 users.Fixed:After beginning Firefox, users von the JAWS screen reader and ZoomText magnifier möchte no much longer need kommen sie switch applications bei order to access Firefox.You’ll find the state of controls using die ARIA switch role ist now effectively reported von Mac OS VoiceOver.You’ll lakers a faster content process startup on macOS.We’ve so made memory allocator improvements.And we’ve improved page load performance über speculatively compiling JavaScript ahead des time.