✔【High Resolution Music Player】: This bluetooth mp3 player owns superior superior audio, adopts advanced DSD decoding technology kommen sie reduce distortion; the hi-res audio player tun können capture ns depth and breadth von each note. It"s ideal weil das audiophile to enjoy live music✔【 Lossless Audio】: Lossless Music Player Utilizes advanced PCM510xA 2.1 VRMS, 112/106/100 dB Audio stereo DAC chip, through a best sampling rate of 44.1¨C384 kHz /32 bit. Support all major lossless music formats: FLAC, WAV, WMA, M4A, MP3, MP2, AAC, APE, ALAC, OGG, AIFF, DFF, aboriginal DSD64 (2.8MHz) DSD 128(5.6 MHz), etc✔【 Humanization design】: This digital music player by 2.0" HD screen. Distinctive ALPS scroll manage wheel enables fluent operation, a high-grade zinc alloy chassis provides a comfortable feel und touch, notfall to cite sturdy protection weil das prolonged durability✔【Bi-directional Bluetooth 】: This high res audio player features von Bluetooth V4.0 of zum communication that wollen change her life, double-way lossless wireless bluetooth transmission v APT-X protocol. Music player can broadcast zu bluetooth-enabled tools such headphone, speak etc; and so can be a Bluetooth receiver✔【Outstanding Battery. Expandable Storage】Enjoy up kommen sie 10 hours of uninterrupted high-res audio über headphones or durch Bluetooth. We include a 32GB SD card however you kann sein expand ns storage up to 256GB über SD map or via USB OTG (not included) and enjoy a music liabry as long as 14,000 songs


Technical support zum F20-FAQ:

1. How kommen sie access ns storage/SD card after connecting die F20 to the computer?

F20 uses ns MTP protocol and couldn"t be properly well-known until the MTP driver installed. You re welcome make certain F20 under USB mode, then attach F20 to computer kommen sie recognize it.

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2. How can I use USB DAC function?

First switch the USB mode to USB DAC mode (Enter die setting menu zu switch USB mode kommen sie select DAC). After ~ that, connect die F20 to ns computer durch USB und use it together USB DAC. (Before making use of on windows computers, you"ll deshalb need kommen sie install die DAC driver, ns 32GB memory card the comes through F20 has already stored the driver, need to copy und install it. )

Please note: bei DAC mode, F20 kann sein not display the disk nennen on computer. If need drag und drop file, please set up at USB mode.

3.Why my new F20 only acquiring sound one channel out von the corded earbuds?

The new player has a contempt tighter headphone jack, just plug it with pressure und it will be easier kommen sie plug in after few uses.

4. Why i cannot affix my Bluetooth headphone to die F20?

When using the Bluetooth headphone with die F20 weil das the zuerst time, require pair die two devices. Please make certain that ns Bluetooth headphone is an pairing setting (just like ns very first time that you use ns Bluetooth headphone with various other devices). When die Bluetooth headphone is an pairing mode, turn on Bluetooth on the F20 und search weil das the headphone kommen sie connect.

5. Want kommen sie download drive zum the device?

Please visit the verknüpfung below and download the file F20 Bluetooth Mp3 Player

Outstanding exceptional Audio, extremist Low Out-of-Band Noise, integrated High-Performance Audio PLL with BCK.

Utilizes with advanced TI"s segment-DAC PCM510xA chip kommen sie achieve great dynamic and high-performance audio (up to192KHz/32bit )

Enjoy DSD Playback, Experience ns natural sound and intense detail of DSD audio formats, thanks to ns high-quality digital audio, it tun können reach 64 times ns CD audio sampling rate.

Display: 2.0 inches TFT display (320*240)

Customized Equalizer (EQ): Rock / standard / Jazz / pop / tanzen / Vocal / Blues / heavy Metal / Customize etc.

USB OTG: Via USB-OTG cable, it kann read tracks und data from OTG devices and it permits up zu 256GB volume (USB-OTG cable notfall included)

USB-DAC: Under USB-DAC mode, ns player kann be offered as a computer decoding amp

Line-Out: It kann sein be linked with amp like auto stereo and other house audio über Auxiliary Audio cable(not included)

Apt- ns Bluetooth 4.0 Transmission Supported:It kann improves ns transmission von sound via Bluetooth.

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Balanced Performance des Bass/Alto/Treble

Bass - enough Bass but notfall BoomyAlto-Clear - Delicate und ArticulateTreble - High Pitched buy no Sharp, through Clear Clarity des SoundSound-stage - Create the Sense des Living Concert

2-Way Bluetooth Transmission

F20 player functions aptx decoding technology zum low latency transmission.

It kann either arbeit as signal transmitter zu connect with Bluetooth headphone, speak or work as an receiver amp zu wireless connect with clever phone.

Supports creating playlist über M3U, please check via for instruction.




Humanization design

This digital music player by 2.0" TFT screen(320*240) . Distinctive ALPS scroll control wheel enables fluent operation, a high-grade zinc alloy chassis offers a comfortable feel und touch, notfall to point out sturdy protection zum prolonged durability


Bluetooth 4.0 transmission

Qualcomm aptX codec audio improves die transmission des sound durch Bluetooth weil das High quality sound


Expandable memory Space

USB OTG port can achieve larger storage expansion zu 128GB.

Micro SD map slot supports memory card trost to128GB und the system kann sein handle up to 14999 songs.

Storage up kommen sie 256gb.

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32GB flash card an package.


Supported high-res Audio file Formats

APE (192 KHz/ 24bit); WAV (192 KHz/ 32bit);