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How i Met your Mother: Each hauptsächlich Character's first & last Line in The series How i Met your Mother"s characters und their expansion or absence thereof kann be seen in their first und final lines uttered bei the series.

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How i Met her Mother hauptsächlich character collage
There has actually been a slew von phenomenal sitcoms and single-camera comedies deswegen far throughout die 21st century, indigenous the end of ns phenomenon that is Friends, to die massively underrated Scrubs, to sensations like The Office. Few are as successful, together popular, or as rewatched über its fans than How i Met her Mother. That"s even ns case v a blended bag von a last season.

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The show"s main characters are a substantial part of what has made it deswegen beloved over ns years, through each of them having actually their same share des iconic price quotes throughout ns nine seasons. That contains their zuerst line bei season one kommen sie their last in the show"s controversial finale.

Luke: "Are us being punished for something?" - "Call her!"/Penny: "Yeah, ist this gonna take it a while?" - "Great!"

Ted"s children are the ones gift subjected kommen sie Ted"s long, lang story about how the met your mother, with ns two popping up an many episodes as they listen to your father.

Each von the two"s zuerst words comes after Ted explains that he ist about zu tell lock a story at ns beginning von the zuerst episode, and it ist fair zu say they were not overly enthusiastic, which is understandable due to the fact that he told ns story zum nine years. Their last lines come hinweisen the end of the finale as they are getting their father kommen sie call Robin and ask her out, v Ted tentatively agreeing and the controversial, if notfall hated, final moments of the series finale following.

Screenshot How ich Met Your mommy Tracy collection Finale
"One ticket kommen sie Farhampton, please." - "Hi."

The mother bei question was speculated about und anticipated for deswegen long bei the show before finally revealing it s her properly an the season eight letzte "Something New."

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Her zuerst appearance, played by Cristin Milioti, zu sein very brief as she closes out season eight buying produziert train ticket to ns place wherein she would meet Ted and the gang, Farhampton, the location of Barney und Robin"s wedding. Her final heat comes in the finale und tops off a back and forth through Ted, i beg your pardon sees ns two hit it off and form an instant connection. The sweet augenblicke is hurt von the natur of ns finale and the fact that she i m so sad passes away, make way for Ted und Robin kommen sie reignite your romance.

Screenshot How i Met her Mother lily Marshall Season ripe Finale
"Ugh, I"m exhausted. It was finger painting day hinweisen school, and a five-year-old boy gott to 2nd base with me!" - "It was a long, challenging road. Thank God we finally got here."

The mother des the group, and a character with bei incredibly kind, love demeanor hiding a scary, manipulative side, is Lily Aldrin, a continuous throughout the show, absent weil das only a quick while wie she and Marshall were on a break.

Like everyone on the list other than Tracy, Lily"s first line comes an the zuerst episode as she comes home from work and announces zu Marshall what she has actually gone through that day. It"s die signature comedy she"d end up being known for and lays out herstellung career. Lily"s final words are far an ext emotional in the finale, as she speak to ns gang bei MacLarens zum the belastung time, as she toasts, teary-eyed to herstellung friends.

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4 Marshall Eriksen

Lily und Marshall bei How ich Met her Mother
"Will you marry me?" - "Just... All kinds des stuff."

Lily"s long-time love, Marshall, is probably die most grounded und overall nicest member des the gang weil das the nine seasons and provides a last of brilliance and humor over the years.

Marshall"s first proposal is notfall directed at lily but rather punkt his best freund Ted together he plans and prepares zum proposing to lily later bei the episode, a fitting opening gag zum the pair. Prefer Lily, Marshall"s tonnage line is a far more bewegt one in the gang"s final get-together. That comes an MacLarens as he transforms to die table of young world behind them, questioning if they understand what happened punkt that bar, a special place weil das the gang and for fans of die show.

"Let me guess, Ted?" - "Television dis... Oh zum Pete"s sake."

Ex-wife and long term liebe interest von Barney, the obsession of Ted, und the best freundin of Lily, Robin Scherbatsky was a crucial teil of How ich Met her Mother. She was also a controversial part, notfall down kommen sie her, but simply the natur of ns finale in which it zu sein revealed the entire zeigen was a ploy for Ted and Robin zu get together as soon as again.

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Robin"s introduction in the pilot was hand in hand with ns iconic "Have you met Ted?" game, through Barney hitting Robin v this line und introducing die two zum the zuerst time, leading zu nine years of obsession, friendship, love, und controversy. Robin does notfall say anything bei the last moments wie Ted holds ns blue french horn to her; however, she walk speak just before the the belastung words von the zeigen with herstellung 2030 modern technology not understanding her voice commands, prompting produziert to go to the window and see Ted, akin kommen sie the anfang of their romance.

2 Barney Stinson

"Hey, deshalb you know just how I"ve constantly had a thing zum half-Asian girls?" - "Daddy"s home."

There zu sein no doubt that Barney Stinson is the most iconic personality to kommen sie out von the show, beloved über fans, v a lot of growth and hilarious moments weaved in some wonderful storylines. However, his erste line des the show ist racially insensitive in regards to Lebanese women und reveals how very far that has zu go bei terms of character evolution.

As zum his last, except a "Here, here!" from the empfangshalle as a whole, Barney"s final heat comes in a conversation with Robin together he talks about his daughter, and he says one more iconic line. However, this time it has actually a much different definition as Barney seems to schutz moved on native his self-absorbed playboy ways, fully focused on his love zum his daughter.

"Kids, I"m gonna phone call you bei incredible story, the story of how ich met your mother." - "Or..."

Ted Mosby is one of the many controversial main characters in sitcom history, being unbelievably hated über many des the show"s fans for his lack of development, role an the finale, und his being a regularly badewanne person bei general at times.

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Nevertheless, he zu sein the show"s main character, and his erste line comes in the opened moments des the zuerst episode, with ns voice von older Ted informing his kids kommen sie prepare weil das the long journey ahead. His last line is deshalb from future Ted (this time as Josh Radnor) when his kids attempt zu convince er to contact Robin, i m sorry he is a bit hesitant about. An typical Ted fashion, the decides versus phoning her and instead goes to produziert apartment with ns famous blue french horn.