Nankang snow sv-2 test

Nankang - ns innovative tire manufacturer indigenous Taiwan. Extremistin high performance assets up zu 24 inch, outstanding price/performance ratios

Change die exact dimensions of a tyre can be disconwayhistory.orgvered on die sidewall published mark. The graphic shows how zu read properties und dimensions von the tyre:

winter tyres

v snow flake symbol

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more than 5 billion kilometers. Tyretest.conwayhistory.orgm uses over 430 000 experiment firsthand - indigenous conwayhistory.orgnsumers zum conwayhistory.orgnsumers.

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Nankang eye SV-2 is the tyre von a new generation, conwayhistory.orgmbining exceptionally responsive steering feel with die smooth und quiet refinement. Also at ns high speed, SV-2 provides motorists with the conwayhistory.orgnfidence in various weather conwayhistory.orgnditions of winter. A winter tyre weil das conwayhistory.orgmpact and middle-class vehicles: die V-shaped tread entwurf of SV-2 tyres ensure zum added security in all driving conwayhistory.orgnditions, thanks kommen sie its one-of-a-kind lamella technology and siliconwayhistory.orgne mix.

Circumferential V-shaped four-groove entwurf enhances drainage performance on ns wet road. Ns enlarged call area at the void ratio hinweisen 32% shortens braking distance on dry/wet road and enhance icy grip. Three-dimensional hard sipe improves pattern block stiffness, shortens braking street on dry/wet road und upgrades manoeuvrability & conwayhistory.orgrnering capacity on ns icy road. Hard groove wall entwurf prevents rarely often rare wear und improves snow manoeuvrability. Distinctive conwayhistory.orgmpound improves tread stiffness und surface friction zu shorten braking distance.

eu Tyre Label und Efficiency Classes

The European union has presented the eu Tyre Label von Regulation (No. 1222/2009) identically and bindingly weil das all europäische union member states. It applies zu passenger vehicle tyres, irradiate conwayhistory.orgmmercial automobile tyres and heavy conwayhistory.orgmmercial auto tyres created after 01.07.2012.

Three different locations are tested: rojo resistance, wet grip and the rolling noise ns tyre renders on ns road.

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The conwayhistory.orgmplying with are notfall affected by the eu Tyre Label: retreaded tyres, skilled off-road tyres, racing tyres, tyres with added devices zu improve traction such as spiked tyres, T-type notfall tyres, distinct tyres zum fitting kommen sie vehicles zuerst registered prior to 1 October 1990, tyres v a maximum authorised speed von 80 km/h, tyres zum rims through a in the name diameter of 254 mm or much less or 635 mm or more.

With this regulation, the European union is pursuing ns goal des promoting econwayhistory.orgnomic und econwayhistory.orglogical efficiency in road traffic as well as increasing roadway safety on the one hand, and on the other hand, approving conwayhistory.orgnsumers more product transparency und at die same time serving as in active decision-making aid.

Already during ns inconwayhistory.orgrporation, experts criticise die fact that the eu Tyre label unfortunately only shows a conwayhistory.orguple of product characteristics. Except rolling resistance, wet grip und rolling noise, which space the hauptsächlich focus of eu tyre labelling, tyres oase much much more important and safety-relevant product characteristics, such as aquaplaning properties, steering stability, leistungen life, braking properties on dry und wet roads, behaviour in wintry conwayhistory.orgnditions, etc.

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Tyre manufacturers suggest out that prüfung results from assorted institutions und journals remain bei important die info medium for the end conwayhistory.orgnsumer. These tests usually emphasis on further safety-relevant product characteristics besides the eu standard qualifications zum tyre labelling, which are always important zum the final customer.