Small isn’t constantly beautiful when it come to sim karte cards: with 3 different sim karte sizes kicking around, that quite possible that the sim from your current phone won’t fit your nextone. If you’ve ever before wondered how kommen sie use a nano SIM an a micro simkarte slot, we’ve gott the answers. Here’s how kommen sie use a nano SIM an any phone.

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SIM card sizes explained

There space three kinds des SIM around: standard, micro und nano. Standard SIMs were the original and tend zu appear in much enlarge phones, such as ns Galaxy S2 und HTC Desire HD.

The next size down, micro SIM, was developed to help make smartphone slimmer: wie you’re trying to cram deshalb much technology into a einzel case, every millimetercounts. Micro simkarte slots appear in the Galaxy S3 and S4, HTC One X, Sony Xperia S, T and X and so on.

The next und final size zu sein the smallest, the nano SIM. You’ll discover nano sim karte slots in the iphone 5 onwards and on android devices released in ~ the last few years.

We say there room three sizes, however there’s actually a fourth and fifth option: a multi SIM, whose credit card-sized molding can be swapped out zu make a standard, micro or nano sim card; anda combi SIM, which tun können be swapped out together a standard simkarte or micro SIM. You’ll often seen multi and/or combi sim karte cards wie you’re looking at pre-pay phones or SIM-only contracts.


An important warning about using a nano SIM bei a micro or standard sim slot

You can put a tiny SIM bei a larger simkarte slot von using an adapter. Thereare substantial differences bolzen adapters, however, und a shoddy one can cause every kinds des problems. A loose-fitting SIM kann sein get grounding inside die phone, and your progressively angry efforts kommen sie get it the end again can do serious damages to die phone’s breakable innards.

Unless you’re really good with fiddly technical things, obtaining a stuck simkarte out ist a job zum your friendly ar phone repairer.

What zu look for in a nano or micro sim adapter

In a word, quality. If ns adapter requires eis or sticky plastic zu hold die SIM in place, it no going kommen sie be a perfect fit,and that method there’s a an extremely good chance that once sie put the sim karte in, you’ll oase a beleuchten of a time gaining it back out again. That means ns really cheap simkarte adapters kann sein be a false economy (see above).

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If you go Googling you’ll see lots des people speak nice jene about Sadapter sim adapters, which at this time cost under $10 zum a three-pack ~ above Amazon. These adapters room precision cut to die exact dimensions mentioned byinternational simkarte standards, und are made von plastic that won’t deform unless you futter it in a hot oven.

While it’s a little fiddly to get ns SIM bei there (it’s a tight fit) you can be pretty certain that when it’s in it your phone, no going kommen sie go anywhere. Other adapters room available, von course, however make sure you spend part time checking out theuser comment –particularly from civilization who oase the very same phone together you.

How zu use a nano SIM bei any phone

The mechanics of using a nano SIM an a non-nano call are simple enough. First choose ns appropriate adapter – an this case the nano kommen sie micro one – pop bei your simkarte card und then pop die SIM/adapter combo in the map slot.


There’s another issue zu think about though, and that’s the network lock.If ns phone you’re placing the sim karte into no one you’ve bought as in unlocked phone, the may have a network lock. An plain English, that way a Verizon-bought phone möchte only work with a Verizon SIM, in O2 phone will only work with bei O2 SIM and so on. If your phone is locked, simplypopping bei the sim karte from another network won’t work.

We’ve gott good news and bad nachrichten on the front. Die good news ist that that easy to unlock your phone; the bad is that it tends kommen sie cost money, because networks nothing really desire you zu switch zu their rivals. The specifics differ from network zu network, dafür you"ll want kommen sie check v your provider zum conditions.

If her phone is locked kommen sie a specific network, freundin normally need kommen sie fill outan online formand wait up to 10 functioning days zum the unlock request kommen sie be processed.

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Have you used a nano SIM in a micro sim or standard sim karte slot? Was die process painless or painful? Let united state know bei the comments.