Chunin test Answers – Naruto Shippuden can be fried Ninja Storm 4: Road zu Boruto

Part des Naruto Shippuden ultimate Ninja Storm 4’s road to Boruto DLC is that Boruto must take the Chunin exam which contains a written portion that experiment your knowledge von both die shinobi way und Konoha village’s history. You’ll it is in able zu speak kommen sie NPCs around ns map before taking the quiz und they’ll every provide you with hints as zu what the correct answer zum each inquiry is.

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If the clues nur aren’t enough zu help freundin figure out how kommen sie pass the test dafür you kann continue on her quest kommen sie be the world’s greatest shinobi, here’s a rapid cheat sheet through all die Chunin exam answers:

What was the name of the religiös that die sage of the six Paths taught kommen sie people lang ago?


Hidden leaf Village was created by the zuerst Hokage Hashirama Senju, und who else?

Madara Uchiha

Using hidden Leaf Fillage as an example, other countries also created their very own ninja villages. Ns five an excellent villages developed were Leaf, Sand, Cloud, Mist, and what?


During the Second an excellent Ninja War, what was the benennen that Hanzo des the Salamander gave zu Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru?

Sannin von the Leaf

The der dritte tag Great Ninja zu sein was a violent fight that also young soldiers took part in.

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I beg your pardon one of these ninja also fought in it?

Kakashi Hatake

What was the name of ns incident where ns Sand und the Sound teamed up to overthrow ns Leaf?

Destruction of the Leaf

When the Akatsuki began kommen sie cast a shadow over the world, ns Third Raikage organized a meeting in the festland of Iron. What was the meeting called?

Five Kage Summit

When the Akatsuki claimed war, die Fourth great Ninja zu sein began.

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What did die Akatsuki hope kommen sie claim through die war?

Tailed Beasts

The current Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, and the Kazegage Gaara space very good friends. Gaara ist the fifth Kazekage, What number ist Naruto?

Seventh Hokage

What is important kommen sie a ninja?

Teamwork and Guts

Now that you’ve got all die Chunin exam answers, you tun können get zurück to what yes, really matters in Road kommen sie Boruto, ns action, and proving the you’re one an excellent shinobi that won’t nur live bei your father’s shadow.