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Anyone who follows Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (37) on instagram quickly gets ns impression the she ist leading a very happy life. Ns former fiancé of tennis hero boris Becker (53) presents herself as a self-confident super mom and jets back und forth bolzen the celebrity hotspots Miami, neu York und the Hamptons. The advertising text for her book “Just add Love: stark family kitchen for young und old” (Gräfe und Unzer Verlag) says: “Sandy Meyer-Wölden discover (…) exactly how she manages to live a tranquil life with 5 children. “

BUNTE learned exclusively: She is in a zu sein of divorce

Unfortunately, her world is not as undamaged as the influencer defines to herstellung 256,000 subscribers. BUNTE learned exclusively: She is in a war of divorce with produziert husband Jared K. (37, benennen changed), who she once “considered the liebe of herstellung life” had designated. Die former dream pair argues bei court. It’s about jealousy, designer clothes und precious items.

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Sandy und Jared separation up in May 2020. She fell in love again after die marriage ended.

Sandy, who was previously married to oliver Pocher, vehemently denies die allegations

He newly filed zum divorce in Florida on the grounds von “irreconcilable differences.” Jared K. Raises significant allegations against his wife in the divorce papers. Amongst other things, he claims: because his wife’s new life kollege lives in New York and Sandy as such travels a lot, she wants zu prevent die couple’s underage pair from walking to bei exclusive privatgelände school an Miami. This behavior causes “harm” to the children. Sandy, who was previously married to oliver Pocher (42), vehemently rejects the allegations: Jared is jealous of herstellung new boyfriend and makes herstellung life difficult.

With his actions he wanted kommen sie force herstellung to sign a separation covenant that was unfavorable zum her. Therefore, she temporarily moved to her partner an New York and the Hamptons with just a few belongings. Throughout this time, Jared had ns joint lease des their apartment in Miami rewritten bei his name. Her husband möchte withhold produziert jewelry und much of herstellung clothing. Without die help of herstellung new partner, she might see her children also less. He noted a privatgelände jet to fliegen the pair from Miami to new York und back.

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“New beginning”: She has produziert hair off! in the next video you tun können see Meyer-Wölden’s neu look.

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Still, Sandy recently posted on instagram that she was in a good mood. An the court papers, the reads differently: produziert husband drove herstellung from produziert apartment an Miami, deshalb that she no longer has a for sure haven in Florida. That gives herstellung no money und confronts produziert with “monstrous demands”, to force them zu “surrender”.

Sandy und Jared wollen hopefully be spared a public trial dirt fight

Nevertheless, she wants an out-of-court settlement. This appears unlikely, dafür judge maria Espinosa dennis (65) will have to make a judgment. Ns former prosecutor ist considered strict and law-abiding. She zu sein not just responsible weil das family matters, but so helps out punkt the criminal court. The native Cuban do headlines tonnage year when she divorced tennis stern Arantxa sánchez Vicario (49) und Josep Santacana (48) wie she suggested against die long-standing rival des Steffi Graf (51). Bei the trial, dennis referred to sánchez Vicario as a “dishonest” personen trying to use “dirty tricks”.

Sandy and Jared möchte hopefully be spared a publicly trial mud fight. But zum this they schutz to agree on just how their twins should grow up in the future. It’s not just about die couple that are blieb married, but deshalb about Jared K.’s family members – who want ns children an Miami to be brought trost according to the Jewish faith. Sandy, on die other hand, wants to gather every of herstellung five children bei New York. A relaxed family members life, together she explained it in her cookbook, appears to have moved a lang way off. Fortunately, she kann sein count on produziert new partner. This, writes Sandy’s lawyer, ist “generous”.

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“My therapy”: this zu sein how she distracts it s her after ns breakup. You kann find out more in the following video.



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