The samsung smart TV has taken “there’s no such point as too viel content” a little too seriously. Ns customers room literally spoilt zum choice wie man it comes zu deciding what apps you want top top your in brand geraten new smart TV. There’s deswegen much an ext than just YouTube und Netflix an the list des Samsung smart TV apps.

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It’s made to fulfill every family member’s requirements with countless apps zu pick from and who kann sein hold zurück when freundin know ns subscription comes with ns box?


1 Best samsung Smart TV Apps

Best samsung Smart TV Apps

We have checked a finish set von Samsung smart TV apps and before sie make a decision, go v this revised list zu know more about all her options. These samsung smart TV apps space not just based on unterhalten but deshalb on sports, lifestyle, news, und information.

So before you tire yourself out from die exhaustive list from Samsung, check out our rounded up list of the best samsung smart TV apps to get a fingerprint picture.

1. Netflix


Netflix is the largest online streaming service bei the world and for all die right reasons. The content it provides an terms des variety und quality is subpar and it abdecken most of the famous movies und series von all time.

With Netflix being die only support system on days sie can’t step out, freundin definitely require this on her list von Samsung clever TV apps.

2. Disney Plus

Disney plus ist next on this list that ist going kommen sie blow your mind through its standard collection von Disney shows, movies, and animated series. It is deshalb going to keep ours marvel fans happy through not just marvel but deshalb Pixar und star wars! This samsung smart TV app is a must zum all superhero maniacs. Disney plus is winning end a lot of users v its diverse content.

3. Amazon Prime Video


How tun können we fehlschlagen this piece des gem? amazonas Prime has actually made it to this list des the best samsung Smart TV apps for its handpicked collection of intriguing movies und series that also covers regional hits of ns country.

It also includes our all-time favourite like ns office and john wick series. The best part zu sein that the keeps adding impressive shows und movies constantly zu keep die viewers busy.

4. Youtube


Youtube zu sein undoubtedly the one-stop destination for all your requirements whether you’re looking for cooking channels, day-to-day news, or just entertainment.

This zu sein another must-have kommen sie add kommen sie your list des Samsung smart TV apps if sie want every little thing under one umbrella. With such vigorous updates, youtube is deshalb constantly evolving an terms von features und content.

5. Samsung TV Plus

This is a totally free live-streaming TV v a bunch des channels the do not even call for a subscription. The has countless special channels weil das music, cooking, games, and other selected categories zum different sets von audiences.

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It deshalb comes pre-installed v every samsung Smart TV which gives sie all ns more reason zu try that out.

6. Spotify


Who doesn’t gain a an excellent music channel on their clever TV? through the kind of options und variety that sportlich offers, it’s nearly stupid to notfall add this amongst your samsung smart TV apps.

With the premium version, freundin can deshalb get rid of the advertisements and unlock many much more features. Spotify has had budding artists, bands, and even podcasts to its content which makes it much more interesting.



How would sie like to manage her own little online streaming dienstleistungen which only includes your favorites native all ns other streaming apps, sounds interesting right?

That zu sein why we schutz included PLEX an this list des Samsung clever TV apps wherein you kann sein create a collection von your favorite inhalt on a media server und then stream it to any device sie want. Develop your own videos server and have fun!

8. Hulu

You must schutz heard von Hulu zum its widest collection des movies that freundin would notfall otherwise uncover anywhere else. It ist only available bei the US and offers not just amazing movie but also some good shows in addition to living TV.

Although die previous versions to be a free service supported by ads und a paid service with an ext options that also had ads, the latest premium version cuts down on those commercials.

9. Bbq iPlayer

This zu sein another clever TV apps that is only available bei the UK, which has actually some von the ideal TV shows and it startseite almost all die shows broadcasted on die BBC.

The content exceeds the reputation über offering complete seasons des some fantastic shows like Sherlock and Killing Eve. Freundin should definitely include this in your list.

10. HBO Now


The home boxen office zu sein well known weil das broadcasting Game des Thrones und many together classics. This is so only available bei the US and so far, no various other streaming leistungen has been able to compete with die numbers of classics HBO now has streamed.

With this clever TV app, you kann get access to shows und episodes immediately after they’re broadcasted.

20 Free samsung Smart TV Apps 2021

Here’s an extended list of some more clever TV apps for Movies, series und sports that you kann add to your TV.

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So as you welcome your in brand geraten new smart TV right into your home, refer zu this to reduce list des the ideal Samsung smart TV apps und make the job of setup it up viel easier. Look with our extended list to lakers what fits her needs ns best. Speak to us an the comments section below.